Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday...

One of my favorite twins is dealing with something no 18 year old should have to go through.  Her 19 yr old boyfriend was hit by a boat while tubing with his family in Nebraska.  His younger brother (12) died at the scene in the same accident. 

And while this whole thing is horribly sad...there is good coming out of it too.

Matt is an organ donor.  They expect for around 60 people to benefit from his organs and tissue that will be donated.  Matt was always a giving kid.  And he will continue to give, even in his death.

Please pray for the families affected here.  They will need all of the love, support & prayers they can get.

Once again this year, I am reminded of how precious life truly is.  Make sure you tell your friends & family how much they mean to you...we are not promised tomorrow.

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Rachel said...

That is so sad. Just a reminder of how short and precious life is. Miss talking to you, I feel it's been forever!!

Love ya friend!!