Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick or Treat!

This isn't a's really me!  I promise I'm gonna come back to blogging soon.  There's just been so much going on lately and I just don't have time to write or read.  I've missed reading these wonderful blogs and talking back & forth with my bloggy friends!  My job has gone haywire over the past two a good way.  We have a new sales guy who I think is going to be awesome, but the getting started part has just about worn me out!  Dylan has finally finished the soccer season, which is truly bittersweet.  He has been struggling the last few weeks with a pulled hamstring and hasn't been able to play much.  We are scheduled to run (walk for me) a 5K in two weeks...which shouldn't be a problem since the only time it really bothers him is when he's trying to sprint.  I think he hyperextended it in practice - playing around no less.  And our church has a Fall Festival next weekend, which I'm in charge put all that together and you have one stressed Jenn!  However, I'm in for a funfilled weekend and I'm so looking forward to it.  My BFF Ashley's bday falls on Halloween and we are celebrating tomorrow night with a Birthday Bash / Halloween Party.  It's dress up and we, along with our friend Deanna, are dressing up as Snookie, Sammi & J-Woww from Jersey Shore.  Yeah...I know...but we are gonna have so much fun! :)

I do have a treat for you...a few of my past Halloween pics...

2007 - Ash, the Farmer...Me, Pippi Longstocking
2008 - Me, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (my mom made my costume and I did have Ruby Red Slippers) and Ash was a blow pop!

2009 - I went as a Ladybug - Ash was the Bride of Frankenstein

2009 - Another of me & Aly, who went as Taylor Swift (my mom also made her costume...and mine too for that matter!)

And I couldn't forget Ayden's 1st Halloween - he was a zebra!

And one from Halloween past...I was the clown, my cousin Dana was the cowgirl and my sis was Bugs!
And this is my favorite...

Evidently I had begged to be a had made my hat...gotten that fabulous wig and a day or two before Halloween, I changed my mind.  So, I was a pouty witch! :)

Hope everyone has a fun & safe Halloween!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Still here...

Yes, I'm still here...still kicking! :)  Just wanted to check in...but there is so much going on and not nearly enough time for it all! 

Since I've been gone, though, things have been good - this is just a snapshot of the things that have happened since I went on "break"...

Last Saturday, we celebrated sweet Ayden's 1st birthday!  So unbelievable that it's been a year...and then in other ways it's hard to remember our lives without him!  Here's a little snapshot from the birthday bash...

Tuesday night, my BFF Ash & I went to The Sound of Music Sing-A-Long.  I was so excited...this is one of my all time favorite movies!  I remember when I was little, well before the days of VHS/DVD/Movies On Demand, one of the major networks would normally show the movie once a year.  It was one of those "special" movies, like The Wizard of Oz that I would be allowed to stay up and watch (seems like those movies always aired on Sundays!).  I wasn't sure how crowded it would be, since they are only doing the showings 10/19 (past Tues) and 10/26.  Evidently, they haven't advertised it well in this area...because we were only 2 of about 15 in the theater!  But, it was still cool...and they put the words on the screen so it was a TRUE sing-a-long!

Work has been ways of doing things...and he's not computer,'s been wild.  But my week has been good.  I've been sticking with my Couch 2 5K runs with a little modification.  I felt like this week I should be able to move up to the next level...but either I need new shoes or new knees.  I'm going to start with new shoes and see how that goes.  Today, I didn't use the podcast or follow the "plan"...but I think I did well.  I set my own goals for running and alternated those with walking.  I kind of like this "plan" and I don't feel like it's a huge departure from the C25K program.  Just doing it in a way that's a little better for me.  I plan to continue pushing my intervals longer and longer.  We'll see.  I may have to move back to the program.  But today's run went better and I felt better about it! :)

Oh & strangely enough, I'm very much enjoying the baseball playoffs...Dylan has me cheering on the Giants tonight...I'm not sure if I should or not, but I'll support him in this! :)  Of course, we are cheering on the Rangers in their first World Series!!!

So...I'm still here...I haven't really even had time to be on here to read any blogs.  I may have some time tomorrow, but not sure.  And I'm not giving up blogging...just sitting back and trying to get some perspective in my life.

Hope you are all well...see you soon! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tapping Out

I was all ready to post my 5QF and FGF...and then last night happened.  And I just can't do either today. 

Nothing major happened...nothing came falling down...just a little...OK big...meltdown of your's truly.

I'm feeling a wee bit lost these days...this is what hits me when I meltdown...not sure of anything, but I do know that the more lost I feel in this "real" world of mine, the more I tend to run deeper into this "alternate universe" (for lack of a better term).  I feel quite like Alice this maybe I chased that white rabbit in the hole into Wonderland...and it's a great place to be, although Wonderland does have it's snares...and the deeper I find myself here, the more I'm feeling like I need to be on the other side of the looking glass.

So, I'm tapping out for a few days.  Who knows...I might be back by Monday or it might be a few weeks.  But for right now, I'm going on a blogging break.  I may or may not come & read your blogs...I'm just not sure.  I just know that I need to do a bit of soul searching...a bit of thinking...a lot of praying.  If you'd send prayers my way, I'd appreciate it.

If you would like to contact me - I'm not sure there is any reason you might, but just in can e-mail me at

I'll be seeing you around...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Enquiring Minds Want to Know

It's Thursday!  And on Thursday, I link up with Dollycas for Enquiring Minds Want to, here goes!

BTW - You should check out her blog...she has a beautiful background pic...and if I didn't know better, I'd say it's a lovely North Carolina beach featured there! :)

1. What is your favorite pizza topping?

I'm a plain jane kind of girl...I like pepperoni.  Just pepperoni.  Although, I do also appreciate a good ham & pineapple too!

2. If you could give up one household chore forever, what would it be? pointless.  I hate any chore where you immediately see how little you've done!  At least when you clean a toilet you can see a difference for a few days.  When you dust, the next day it looks like you didn't do anything at all!

3. What is your favorite kind of music?

I tend to jump around between music genres.  I often listen to Contemporary Christian - Natalie Grant is my favorite there.  I like Country Music...80's rock...oldie goldies...all kinds of music.  My music tastes generally follow my moods.

Hope you are having a great Thursday!  See you tomorrow for 5 Question Friday & Feel Good Friday! :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out: My Kid

I don't think I make it any secret around here that I love my kid.  He's by far the best thing that ever happened to me so far in my life.  I alluded a little bit to something yesterday that he did that just really put me over the moon concerning my C25K runs...I'll re-share that in a bit.

I knew that Dylan was strong when he was born.  Within a couple of weeks, he would push himself up to stand on his feet whenever you held him in your lap.  He wasn't strong enough to hold himself up, of course, but he would push on you with his feet and he loved to be held so that he could stand on your stomach, legs, whatever.  He was sitting up, well, by the time he was 5 months old or so.  I can't honestly remember when he began to crawl because that stage lasted all of about 5 minutes (or so it seemed) and at 9 1/2 months I had a walker.  Sometimes I have to think about that fact...because it seems so unreal, even though I know kids develop at different paces and some hit those milestones before others.  And I've often wondered if I over-exxagerate the time...trying to make it seem like he was more advanced.  But then, I remember that I took him to Florida for the first time when he was 10 mos old and we have video of him toddling around Disney World.

Of course, the walking also only lasted a few minutes before he began to run...everywhere and all the time!  I have a distinct memory of Dylan on his first birthday...he was running through the backyard towards his sandbox...giggling and smiling all the way.  Precious.  Simply Precious.

I also remember that my Mom & Dad took him for his 1 yr check up (I had a class I couldn't they took him for me)...the doctor was checking out all his joints...he got a kind of strange look on his face when he was checking out his hips and upper thighs and Dad thought there was something wrong.  Finally the doctor's face relaxed and he said that there was nothing wrong...his legs were just very muscular for his age! 

As Dylan has grown, I've discovered that he's very athletically gifted.  He can play most sports well.  And although, he can play them well, he enjoys most sports as a casual player.  At one point during Elementary school, the school had begun a basketball program.  Of course, Dylan didn't sign up because he'd prefer to just "shoot hoops" rather than play an organized game...but later in the week, the principal called him to his office and BEGGED Dylan to play on the team.  He knew Dylan could play and his grades were good, so he met the academic requirements.  But, Dylan politely declined.

I've always noticed in whatever sport or athletic endeavor that Dylan participates in he has great endurance.  And while the only sport that he plays in any organized fashion is soccer, he can be very competitive.  He's a bit of a perfectionist, although you wouldn't know it by looking at his room.  But there are things that he chooses to be best at.  Math is one of those things...when they do timed exercises he has to be the first one done.  I've tried to encourage the "going back over your work" thing...but aggravatingly enough, most of the time all of his answers are correct too.  In gym they have athletic testing too.  And he's competitive with this too.  He wants to do the most push ups or sit ups or run his mile the fastest.  (Funny sidenote: the only athletic test that he can't seem to do well at is jump roping - I think this is hilarious and he always says that he doesn't think that it should be included...I just laugh)

So, you know I've been working through the Couch to 5K program.  And Dylan is a runner.  On Saturday morning, we went to do our run.  Dylan's comment prior to the run (when discussing his upcoming 5K) - I'm not even sure I'll be able to run the whole 5K.  I told him he needed to try to run 3 miles at the park and see how he did.

Yeah...he knocked it about 24 minutes...while I pushed myself through 8 torturous intervals of running/walking.

Last night, I did my first run of my second week.  I'm re-doing Week One because I feel like I'm not ready to move to the Week Two.  My sister & her family had come to the park to walk/run as well and at the end of my 7th interval, I caught up with her walking.  So, when I started my 8th interval, she & Dylan started running too.  And I found myself running better...keeping a better pace...not hurting quite as much as normal.  Now I understand that I'm conditioning myself and that I should be getting better with each run.  But, my 8th interval felt like my 1st. 

And right then & there, I knew that I needed a running partner.  I mentioned this to Dylan on the way home and he said, do you think I ran my mile in 6:24 at school?

And then, I asked a question that I thought I would be politely declined on...I asked Dylan to run my intervals with me on Thursday.

And he said yes. 

My 14 year old did not politely decline my request.

Honestly, I figured he wouldn't want to run the intervals...that he'd want to go at his own pace.  But, he said he would run with me!

Usually, my posts for this meme are where I pour my heart out in sadness or loneliness or aggravation...but today, I'm pouring my heart out in joy.

Joy that I have this great kid in my life.  And for the support he's giving me in my quest to be in better physical shape.

Now...later today, he might not make me as joyful...but I'll take it for now! :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

C25K - Week Two, Day 1

OK - so I didn't actually DO the Week 2, day 1 run...I'm still working through Week 1! :)  But I had another successful run.  I actually ran the last interval with my sis & Dylan and I've decided I run much better with someone.  So, I told Dylan I wanted him to run my intervals with me on Thursday.  And he said...OK! :)  I'm not sure what makes me happier...feeling good about my progress or the fact the Dylan said he'd run my intervals with me!  I mean, he can knock out 3 miles while I'm struggling through my intervals...but I appreciate his support in this!  He probably doesn't even realize what he's doing.  Well, and he will be running after soccer he probably doesn't mind too much! 

Oh...and he's running his first 5K this weekend!  I'm so excited for him!  I know he will do well...and we are signing up for the 5K in November.  My goal for the November 5K is to be able to run the 1st mile, at least.  More than that will be icing on the cake for me!

Hope y'all are having a great Tuesday!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Friend Makin Monday!

Monday came and went with a big woosh!  It's been such a busy day.  I forgot that today was bill payin' day at work...not to mention all my other Monday stuff.  And then Dylan had a home game tonight and I had to take, after I left work I had to go by the store...go by my parents to get a cooler...fill the cooler and get to the school.  The JV game was baaaaddd...they lost 6-0.  The Varsity game was aweseome, even though they lost...but the officials were HORRIBLE. 

Just a little Couch 2 5K note...I did ALL of my intervals on Saturday...I ran REALLY early...OK, early for me...but I think run better in the evenings.  At any rate, I did it!

I'm always thankful on a busy day like today for a meme...and especially ones that are Q&A!  I know it's late in the day...but if you'd like to participate, you can visit Kenz & link up!

1) Do you prefer talking or texting?

I don't mind talking to my BFF or my family, although I think texting can be much more efficient.  And I will hit up e-mail anytime instead of actually talking to someone I don't know.

2) Do you make your bed everyday?

When I lived at home with my parents, I NEVER made my bed...but I do now almost every day.  The days I don't are usually Saturdays...and sometimes Sunday.  But I agree with does make the room seem tidier, even if it isn't!

3) What sounds do you hear right now?

TV...I'm waiting for my Monday night show...Hawaii 5-0

4) List three things that you always carry with you:

Cell phone, keys (which has one of those keychain/wallet things attached), water

5) What are your favorite TV shows?

currently: Hawaii 5-0, Life Unexpected, Parenthood, Jersey Shore (yeah...I know...)

all time: Cosby Show, Carol Burnett Show, Gilmore Girls, any classic cartoon (i.e. Flintstones, Jetsons, Scooby Doo)

6) Is there a hobby that you'd like to devote more time to?

I'm not sure when I'd have time for a hobby...but I would really love to know a bit more about blog design.  I see so many cute ones out there...and I like mine...but I'd like to make it more personal

7) What is your favorite drink?

Coffee...first & foremost
Water next
Cherry Coke - I've found that if you can't get Cherry Coke on fountain, you can mix just a bit of Cheerwine in with Coke and come pretty close.

Oh yeah...I forgot Cheerwine is an NC thing...y'all are missing out! :)

8) Share a couple of cool facts about your family:

- My grandfather was a WWII POW for 45 days...but he wasn't "recognized" until much later - I think I was 11 or 12 at the time...
- There's a road in Walnut Cove, NC named for my great-grandfather actually built a house on that road and then named it after our family.  The house NEVER had indoor plumbing...because the property wouldn't perk for septic.  My great-grandmother used an outhouse (or chamber pot - YUCK!) until she went into a nursing home...which was late in her life.

9) List one thing that you will do for yourself today:

Well the days almost out...but I bought some peppermint patties for me today! :)

10) Share something that you're thankful for today:

My family

Hope your Monday has been a good one! :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

5QF & Feel Good Friday

Friday feels so good today!  I'm gonna start with Mama M's 5 Question Friday...and then I'll hit you with Feel Good Friday...OK?  Of course, it's OK! :)

1. What do you listen to while driving?

In the mornings, the Two Guys Named Chris show...unless Chris & Chris are on vacation...then it's usually K-Love.  For the rest of the day, usually K-Love unless I'm trying to learn a song or if I'm loving a new CD.

Occasionally, though, I just flip around the channels if I need a different kind of music for the yesterday when it was 75, blue skies, windows down, sunroof open...I needed to rock out! :)

2. What is your least favorite thing about Fall?


Ok, I have a confession...I love to see a yard full of leaves.  But, according to my Dad, that's not good for the grass...and that's why you have to rake them.  Plus they blow into your neighbor's yard...

Poo on that...I don't rake.  I don't have that many it's a good thing I don't rake! :)

3. What does your dream house look like, inside and out?

I love my little house...but I have a laundry list of things that I WILL have in my next house...

Topping the list?  At least 2 bathrooms.  I currently share a bathroom with a 14 year old boy...enough said.

The other must have?  A eat-in kitchen or dining room.  If I have the eat-in kitchen, no dining room is necessary.  Quite honestly, I think formal dining rooms are a waste of space.  I'd rather have office space or extra living room space instead of a dining room.  But that's just me.

Truly, my dream house would be a Victorian farmhouse...kind of like this...

or this...

With enough of the "old" to keep the charm, but with the modern updates of course.  I just like for a house to be comfy.  Classic...nothing outrageous.

4. Would you ever own a minivan?

I would try really hard NOT to.  I don't really like offense.  They just aren't me. 

5. Do you wash new clothes before wearing them?

Underwear & bathing suits - yes.  Everything else, probably not.

And's time for Feel Good Friday! :)

Why is today a Feel Good Friday?  Well, my week has been good...nothing spectacular.  Well, I'm feeling really good about my Couch 2 5K, but let's be honest...I'm only 2 runs in!

But I do feel good today...

And I have a great weekend ahead!

I like to have weekends with no plans, but I usually end up either spending way more money than I should or doing nothing and feeling like a sloth.  But this weekend, I'm gonna be busy, busy, busy!

First of all, tonight I have to work the concession stand at the football game for Dylan's school.  Each athletic team is asked to pull one varsity game concession stand duty.  I'm kind of looking forward to it.  I don't have many opprotunities to volunteer for the school, but this is something I can do.  The favorite twins are on Homecoming Court at their high school and I don't get to go see them.  But they will send me pics!

Then tomorrow, I plan to run, keep Ayden for a bit, clean my house (before the EPA condemns it) and then Alyson is coming to spend the night!

And Sunday's are always good - church and then an afternoon to just chill.  I'm hoping to catch up on my DVR'd shows that I missed this week. 

So, all in all, I'm looking forward to this weekend!

Oh, yeah...this also made me feel good this week...

Evidently, Ayden likes to help do laundry!  My mom said that he does this at her house too...if she's trying to fold laundry, he has to be in the basket!

Happy Friday & have a great weekend! :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Enquiring Minds! :)

Today is Thursday...can I get an AMEN???  I am loving this fall like weather...except that it appears the cold makes Dylan grumpy.  This is a conversation we had last night when I picked him up after his soccer game:

Dylan: By the way, our heat was down to 66 degrees this morning.

Me: And, what's your point?

Dylan: It's cold.  What's wrong with our heat?
(this is a legit question, since our heat went out last year...for a week...during the coldest week of the winter)

Me: There's nothing wrong with our heat...I haven't turned it ON.

Dylan: Well, we need to.

Me: Why?

Dylan: Because it's cold and I don't like being cold.

Please rest assured...the child is not going to be a frozen popsicle any time soon.  He sleeps with a quilt on...and has another he could pile on if he weren't too lazy to go get it and put it on his bed!  I hate turning the heat on too early.  In NC our weather tends to yo-yo.  Two weeks ago tonight, Dylan had a soccer game that was delayed due to heat.  It was above 90 that day.  Last week, it was still in the 80's - I think.  This week, our temps have been in the 70's.  However, over the weekend, we will be back in the 80's.  See what I'm talking about???'s time for Enquiring Minds Want to Know...hosted by Dollycas!  If you'd like to participate, head on over & link up! :)

1. Have you started you Christmas shopping already?

No...I'm a purist when it comes to Christmas shopping...this can not begin until the Friday after Thanksgiving.  In all honestly, I wish I were a pre-Christmas shopper, but I just can't imagine buying something and holding onto it for months before the big day!!!

2. Doctors are recommending that everyone get a flu shot this year, will you be getting one?

Probably not.  I may have Dylan get one, but I'm not sure.  The only year I've gotten a flu shot was the year that I was student teaching.  I did it that year because the year prior I had been VERY sick...and ended up having to have my tonsils taken out.  I didn't want to take any chances during my student teaching!

3. If you could have lunch with any Reality Show Celebrity who would it be?
I'm not really sure.  I don't really watch many Reality Shows...and the ones I do watch, I mainly watch because they are train wrecks!  So...I can't say.
Hope you are having a fabulous Thursday!  I'll see you tomorrow for 5 Question Friday & Feel Good Friday! :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

C25K Progress

Sorry...I had to do a double post for today.  All of my friends are at the fair (boo me)...I went by my parents' - they were gone...I'm not sure where...they aren't supposed to go places when I want to come by!  So, I have no one to tell about my super progress on my C25K program!!!!  Tonight's run was SO awesome!  My will power kicked in to hyper drive...which is quite unusual.  The front of my thighs were still sore from Monday's run and normally my aches and soreness win out over will power.  And now, I'm so happy I decided to run anyway!  I was able to run the first FIVE intervals...and walked through the sixth and ran the last two!  My goal tonight was to run through at least four before walking through.  But when I finished four, I thought - hey I can do #5 too.  And I DID!  WOOT WOOT! I'm actually looking forward to Saturday's run.  I'm still gonna do the first week twice.  I need to be able to do the whole 8 intervals and feel comfortable with them before I move on.

I appreciate all the encouragement!  I think it helps! :)

Once upon a time, there was a sweet little princess.  She was a beautiful three year old - blonde hair, blue eyes.  She had grown just like most three year olds...she laughed and played and you can tell from her smile that she had a little mischeviousness in her.  Typical three year old.

One day she got sick.  Unfortunately, no one, including her pediatrician, knew how sick she really was...until she collapsed in her pediatrician's office.  She was rushed to the nearest hospital, which thankfully is one of the best pediatric hospitals in the area...if not the state.  For several days, her family was unsure of what was going to happen.  You see, she had a virus.  This virus attacked her heart and lungs...and consequently caused some brain damage.  Although she showed signs of progress, the doctors were still unsure of what lay ahead.

For 3 months, she was in the hospital, eventually moving to another hospital about an hour away that was suited more for her.  And about a week ago, she came home.

Last night, I had little Addison on my mind.  She still has a long ways to go.  Probably many more doctor's visits, possibly more hospital stays and at this point in her little life, no one really knows what the future holds for her.  There is a Facebook group for her where her aunt posts a little blurb from Addison's mom everyday about her progress.  I read back over the past few weeks - they described the emotional homecoming...thankful to be home...saddened to see the toys that Addison used to play with daily that she won't play with for a long time.  You can hear the struggle in her words...the fear...the uncertainty.

Last week I wrote about a time when Dylan had to have emergency surgery.  This was scary for me.  But it was in no way a comparison to what this little girl's parents have experienced...and really are continuing to experience.  I knew with certainty that once this was done, it would be over with and soon he would be back to his normal self.  I can't imagine walking through this experience and not knowing day to day what the future holds.

The greatest thing in this whole situation is the outpouring of support from the community I live in.  There have been several fundraisers...I saw a pancake supper advertised the other day...there's a 5K in the works (the one I plan to participate in in November) much love is being shown to this family.  It's amazing.

I don't know why God allows these things to happen to little ones...or anyone for that matter.  I do know, though, that these struggles allow us to see Him really work in people's lives.  Yes...I believe in miracles.  I have seen evidence.  Not just once, but several times.  And I do believe that God can work a miracle in Addison's life.  So...if you don't mind, I would simply ask that you lift up Addison and her family in your prayers.  Her mom's specific request is that her brain, lungs and heart will be fully restored.  I know they would appreciate the prayers.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Couch to 5K

A few weeks ago, my blog friend Marianne said she was starting the Couch to 5K program.  I had never heard of I clicked on the link and thought, "Hey this is something I could do!"  I'm feeling a bit left out - my sister has become a runner of sorts...OK, she's participated in one 5K and she's got two coming up in October & November.  My son has definitely got the running down.  This summer, every week he had 2-3 days of conditioning for soccer.  He has PE this semester in school and they have "tests" each week.  He's had to do sit ups, push ups, some kind of dots thing, and running.  His best mile to date is 6:24.  I'm so impressed.  And I've always wanted to be a runner, but just never have felt like I could.  I would try and fail miserably...and then not try anymore.

So, it sounded like Couch to 5K was definitely for me.

Even though I haven't regularly exercised in over 2 years. 

I mean, the name says can get off your couch and train in 9 weeks to run a 5K, right???

I even downloaded the podcasts so that I didn't have to have a stopwatch.

And I ran my first day of week one last night.  Wow...I think I should've done the Couch to regular exercise to 5K.  I didn't make it through all the intervals...I ran the first three, walked through the 4th, ran the 5th and walked out the last three.  But, I did exercise for 30 minutes.  And to me, that's a score!  And I'm not horribly sore today - I went home and did some good stretching!  I seriously think you need to have some kind of conditioning to really do this program in 9 weeks.  I posted about it on my Facebook and had a friend respond that she had to do each week twice.  Which I had already decided I was going to do.

So, I'm not totally discouraged with this and I hope to continue it.  I think I may even go ahead and register for the 5K in November with my sis.  #1 - It's for a good cause - a little girl (3 yrs old) in our community collapsed in her pediatricians office back in June...they found out later that she had a virus that attacked her heart & lungs.  She's been through a lot, and she still has a long way to go, but she's doing better than the doctors ever thought and she actually has been able to come home.  After over 3 mos of being in the hospital.  So, this 5K will raise money for her medical bills.  #2 - It's not just a can walk.  So, even if I don't feel like I'm up for running an entire 5K (which I totally don't expect to be), I can walk it without shame.

I'm really hoping to stick with this.  The last exercise program I was regularly involved in was through Curves.  Three years ago, I think I would've been able to do the program in the 9 weeks.  However, I am now about 40-50 pounds overweight...I weigh 20 pounds MORE than I did when I was 42 weeks pregnant with Dylan...I am 30 pounds heavier than when I started Curves initially.  And I know that running or exercising is only part of the answer here, I think it's definitely a good place to start.

I will let you know about my progress.  Today's my resting day...but tomorrow I pick it up again.  My goal for tomorrow is to make one more interval before having to walk it I would run the first 4 intervals, at least.  My main issue here is going to be will, we shall see! :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Friend Making Monday's Monday...again.  I don't know about where you live, but Monday dawned a bit gray this morning in NC; however, I'm looking out my office window right now and I think I see some sunshine.  We are supposed to have sunshine, I'm hoping we will!

Just wanted to let you know about my fair entries too...I didn't win one single thing. :(  I was very sad, but at the same time, proud that I got everything done in time.  And I'm already thinking about what I'm gonna enter next year.  So, it's all good! :) 

Today, I'm linking up with Shrinking Kenz from All the Weigh for Friend Makin Monday! The topic today is...

What I Love About Fall

Fall is probably one of my favorite times of year.  I love the cooler weather.  I love pulling out sweaters.  I love pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks.  I love the leaves changing colors.  I love the soups - potato, chicken stew, vegetable.  I love seeing pumpkins and scarecrows everywhere.  I don't decorate the exterior of my house for the entire year until fall.  And then I move into Christmas.  I love the Dixie Classic Fair that is always in early October.  And the fair is even better when it's like this weekend - warm during the & crisp at night!  I begin my obsession with hot chocolate during the fall.  Seriously, during winter & fall, I drink hot chocolate almost every day!  It's just such a great time of the year!

Hope your Monday is coming up sunny where ever you are!  Happy Monday!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Five Question Friday...and Feel Good Friday

First things's time for Five Question Friday with Mama M.

1. Did you have a pen pal when you were little (or now)? Where were/are they from?

I don't ever remember having a pen pal at any point in my life.  When I was in high school, I kept in touch with a couple foreign exchange students, but basically they sent me postcards from their fabulous countries and I sent them dinky notes from the US.

2. If you could do a different job for one day, what would it be?

Well, I think I make it no secret that my dream job is to just be a mom and nothing more...but quite honestly I have a few other things that I'd love to do at some point in my life...they would include being an event coordinator and owning a wedding boutique.  There's another "job" that I may possibly have made up, but it would be to work with hospitalized children to help them understand their illness on a kid level.  I have a feeling that I would have a VERY hard time in this job though...#1 - I have a low tolerance for people who harm children.  #2 - I have a deep love for almost all children (there are very few that I just can't tolerate), which would make it hard for me to deal with sick kids on a day to day basis.  #3 - I don't deal well with blood, stitches, needles or throw up.  #4 - I'm not really sure this is a real job...but it seems like someone I know went to school for this.  Maybe I dreamed it up...who knows...

3. Do you remember your biggest fear from when you were little?

I have ALWAYS been afraid of the dark...even now.  But I think a bigger fear was being kidnapped.  I don't know why this scared me.  I don't know anyone who was kidnapped.  I don't think I was ever in danger of being kidnapped.  But I do remember have recurring dreams where I was kidnapped - sometimes it was the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz...sometimes it was just random, scary people.

4. What do you think is a waste of time? Why?

If I wanted to be deep & philosophical, I would say worrying & being anxious.  Because it's true...even though it's just plain human nature.  I just think that God's plans are bigger than our worries & anxiousness, but we forget that because we can't SEE the plan we don't think He has His hands on the situation...

But if I just wanted to be silly, I'd say waiting in line at Wal-Mart.  When they first opened our Wal-Mart in Kville, they had self service lanes.  I will say that the vast majority of people using them had no business doing so.  They never knew where the bar codes were and they'd use the self service lanes for their $200 grocery trip!  But, since they've refurbished the more self service lanes...I hate it.

5. What is the oldest item you have in your closet?
Probably this shirt my sister bought a long time ago at Abercrombie & Fitch...she was in high school when she bought it.  I love it (even though it doesn't really fit right now).  There's nothing special about it...just a button down shirt...but it's one of my favorites.
BTW - my sister graduated high school in 1998...just so you know how old this shirt is...
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'s finally Friday!  And I do feel good today because it's fair time!!!  YAY!  The Dixie Classic Fair is just about the biggest thing to hit Winston-Salem and truly is the 2nd largest fair in North Carolina (only the State Fair is bigger).  I am so headed there after work today...originally I was going to take today off and go with Ash & Zac during the day, but I kind of forgot and used up all my vacay days...and I can't afford to take a day without pay right now, unless I simply have, I'll be going with them this evening!  I read the other day that this is the 128th fair.  And the fair began as an agricultural fair...and pretty much has stayed that way.  They will have cows and sheep and pigs and chickens...all kinds of produce that people have entered...crafts...and of course, the baked which I had 5 entries!  So, I find out tonight if I won anything! :)

And that's what my Feel Good Friday was going to be all about...but then I got this text from of my favorite twins...

"heyy just wanted to let you know your beautiful in every way! I love you! and can't wait to see you again! Miss ya"

I'm sorry...aren't I, the 34 yr old, supposed to be mentoring her, the 17 yr old????  Almost always, though, it seems to be the other way around with those two...

What she doesn't know is that it's been a rough week...I've thrown myself a royal pity party all week.  I try really hard to keep things in perspective, but sometimes I just get lonely and I just want to have someone around that will be my support.  Don't get me wrong...I have friends who love me, a family who loves me and a God who loves me way more than I can even imagine...but, sometimes it would be nice to come home to someone that is all mine...and I know this is all stuff y'all have heard before.  So, I won't be beating that dead horse today! :)

But this text just made my day...and made me smile...and I'll be carrying that around with me today to keep me smiling.

And THIS is why I truly Feel Good today!

Have a great Friday and a great weekend!!!