Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick or Treat!

This isn't a's really me!  I promise I'm gonna come back to blogging soon.  There's just been so much going on lately and I just don't have time to write or read.  I've missed reading these wonderful blogs and talking back & forth with my bloggy friends!  My job has gone haywire over the past two a good way.  We have a new sales guy who I think is going to be awesome, but the getting started part has just about worn me out!  Dylan has finally finished the soccer season, which is truly bittersweet.  He has been struggling the last few weeks with a pulled hamstring and hasn't been able to play much.  We are scheduled to run (walk for me) a 5K in two weeks...which shouldn't be a problem since the only time it really bothers him is when he's trying to sprint.  I think he hyperextended it in practice - playing around no less.  And our church has a Fall Festival next weekend, which I'm in charge put all that together and you have one stressed Jenn!  However, I'm in for a funfilled weekend and I'm so looking forward to it.  My BFF Ashley's bday falls on Halloween and we are celebrating tomorrow night with a Birthday Bash / Halloween Party.  It's dress up and we, along with our friend Deanna, are dressing up as Snookie, Sammi & J-Woww from Jersey Shore.  Yeah...I know...but we are gonna have so much fun! :)

I do have a treat for you...a few of my past Halloween pics...

2007 - Ash, the Farmer...Me, Pippi Longstocking
2008 - Me, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (my mom made my costume and I did have Ruby Red Slippers) and Ash was a blow pop!

2009 - I went as a Ladybug - Ash was the Bride of Frankenstein

2009 - Another of me & Aly, who went as Taylor Swift (my mom also made her costume...and mine too for that matter!)

And I couldn't forget Ayden's 1st Halloween - he was a zebra!

And one from Halloween past...I was the clown, my cousin Dana was the cowgirl and my sis was Bugs!
And this is my favorite...

Evidently I had begged to be a had made my hat...gotten that fabulous wig and a day or two before Halloween, I changed my mind.  So, I was a pouty witch! :)

Hope everyone has a fun & safe Halloween!


Brandi said...

It's good to hear from ya! It sounds like you have been super busy. I hope you have a great weekend... sounds like you will! PICTURES PLEASE! hahaha!

shortmama said...

Love the Pippi costume! I did that one as a kid!

Jen said...

LOVE the Halloween pics! Especially the pouty witch, haha.

Glad to see a post from you and glad to know I'm not the only one who has temporarily fallen off the blogging wagon!