Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween recap! :)

Oh my goodness...what an awesome Halloween weekend this was!  I'm going to let the pics do the talking...

Snookie & Sammi (aka Ash & me)

J-Woww & Vinnie (aka Jamie & Deanna)

The "Jersey Shore" crew
Elvis even showed up for the party...

This is Ash's sister...she did a whole "act" for us
Snookie & Sammi played back up flutes for Elvis
and yes, that is Priscilla looking on at Elvis
Pretty scary, huh??? ;)

Well, please humor me while I share a few less scary pics...

Is this not the cutest cow you've ever seen???

And the "scariest" witch ever :)

Although she was a nice enough witch to let me ride along on her broom :)

Hope everyone had a fun & safe Halloween!


Michelle Pixie said...

The kiddie costumes are adorable! Looks like the adult party was a lot of fun too!

Brandi said...

I've been watching for this and somehow I managed to miss it. Thanks for posting the pics! PRICELESS! Y'all look so great! HAHA!

That is the cutest little cow... and I was so confused wondering why the cow had a broom, but then I saw the cutest little witch ever and it made sense! ;)

Ian said...

Holy crap the Jersey Shore pics are awesome - and so are the kids pics :)