Saturday, November 20, 2010


I know I said I wouldn't be back until probably Monday...but here I 12:15pm EST...sitting in bed...laptop on my, well lap...and I just had to share this with you all.

Marshmallows make everything better in my world.

Case in point...sweet potatoes - we call them "yams" here in NC...they are pretty good on their own.  Put a little butter...maybe add some brown sugar and cinnamon.  Yum.  BUT, add a few marshmallows to the top...put them in the oven for a few minutes and wha-la!  So much better!

And how about a baked sweet potato...popular around here as a side dish at some restaurants.  I personally do not like a baked sweet potato.  I know, it's the same as a yam...what can I say? I'm strange.  However, at my favorite steak house (Texas Roadhouse) they put caramel and marshmallows on it.  I'm sold.

And hot can anyone drink this chocolatey goodness without tons of marshmallows???

Oh...marshmallows make it all better.

Guess what I just finished at midnight tonight???

Yup...a big mug of hot chocolate with a whole bunch of marshmallows! 

Hmmm...I might be here longer than I thought! ;)


Impulsive Addict said... I'm out blog stalking. Now don't send me hate mail but I don't always love marshmallows. I do really love them on a sweet potato but not so much in cocoa. However, I love a good burned marshmallow during campfires. I'm sure this says something about my personality but it's probably not good.
I think I'll be your next follower! =)

Michelle Pixie said...

I am not a big fan of marshmallows. I do like a good smore cooked over a campfire but any other time I could probably forego the marshmallow. :)

Now my girls...marshmallows makes everything better in their world too!

Rachel said...

When I saw your comment on Facebook about marshmallows it made me want to go out and buy some hot chocolate and marshmallows. LOVE IT!! It's a bit warm right now though for hot chocolate. It was 80 yesterday. BUT a cold front is hitting on Wednesday night (just in time for Thanksgiving!!)


Anonymous said...

Just finished a cup of hot chocolate that was INFESTED with marshmellows. :)