Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sometimes pulling a tooth is not so bad! :)

A week or so ago, my sister mentioned to me (under her breath so Aly couldn't hear) that Aly would be having a tooth pulled.  It's a baby tooth and I believe the permanent tooth is trying to come in; however the baby tooth isn't doing it's part and getting wiggly loose so it can be pulled the old fashioned way.  I'm not sure of the exact details here, but the dentist has proclaimed that it must come out.

My sister was not looking forward to telling Alyson about this...Alyson, like most human beings, doesn't care much about painful things and once Alyson makes up her mind that she's not doing something...well, you can just about forget about it.  And Alyson is 6 (almost 7).

At the same time, my sister didn't want to send Alyson in blindly; so, the other day she & my BIL told Alyson that she would have to have the tooth pulled.  The other day, I had called my mom to ask her about something and she told me that Alyson was so excited.  I asked her what she was excited about...and her answer?  Alyson is terribly excited about getting her tooth pulled.

What???  Did I hear that correctly???  But most assuredly, I did hear it correctly.  She's not necessarily excited about the tooth pulling itself and even the promised visit of the Tooth Fairy is not what has her ready to go to the dentist.

The reason she's excited is that on Friday (the day after the tooth pulling visit to the dentist) she will go to school.  And when she's at school, her teacher will ask the class if anyone lost a tooth yesterday.  And Alyson will be able to raise her hand.  And then, I think, there's some kind of "treat" or special something she will receive to celebrate the lost tooth.

Since Alyson stopped loosing teeth about the same time Ayden started getting them, she is super excited to finally be among the "elite" in her class who've lost teeth this year!

I just hope that she remembers all this excitement when she goes to the dentist tomorrow! :)


Anonymous said...

That is so cute! At least she's okay to go to the dentist. :)

shortmama said...

My oldest had to have the same thing done...except it was a horrible experience because the laughing gas and numbing medicine both didnt work!