Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Family

from our recent family pictures...

Happy Wednesday! :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gratituesday! :)

I'm really trying to get back into this blogging thing...

VBS is over...

But work was C-R-A-Z-Y yesterday.

And I thought about writing last night, but then I just sat on my couch and played Sudoku & Scrabble on my phone.

I'm such a slacker!

Anyway, I'm hoping a little Gratituesday will help me get back in the swing of, here goes!  Ten things I'm grateful for today...

#1 - Vacation Bible School is OVER! I love the concept of VBS...I don't mind participating in it...but this year, I just didn't feel like I had the time to put into it...and I hate not being able to put my best foot forward.  Plus it was such a long week.  But now it's over until next year...

Except that really it's not...because we get to do this all over again at the end of July when we go to Florida on our mission trip.

BUT, I won't have to teach it...I'm just there for crowd control! :)

#2 - Right at this moment, I'm loving this Jumping Jelly Bean scent I have in my Scentsy warmer at work. YUM!

#3 - Last week, I took my car in to the shop because it keeps throwing these strange warning lights.  Sometimes they come on...sometimes they don't.  Bad news is, the part that *might* need to be fixed is $1600.00 - just for the part.  Good news is, the mechanic says it's not a necessary fix right now since we don't know for sure that it's even bad!

Best news - he didn't charge me a DIME for checking it out.

#4 - I teach in our Children's Worship at helper has had to go be with her parents for the month of July...which leaves me without a helper.  I have some subs lined up - hopefully.  I've been stressing about this...and then on Friday night I was talking to my friend Deanna (who is on the other Children's Worship team) and found out that she's been going to school to get her CNA license.  I had no idea (she wasn't telling a lot of people for some reason) and since then I've just been so grateful for her dedication to this ministry.  She very easily could've said that she has a lot going on and she might need to take some time, but she didn't.  And I would've understood that, because she also is a hair married...and has two step-sons that she & her husband have joint custody of with their mom & step-dad.  But she didn't.  And she probably doesn't even realize how grateful I am for all of this.

But I'm gonna let her know! :)

#5 - I think my flower beds are pretty much finished.  I couldn't be happier with the way they've turned out and the way they look.  I am so proud of the way my house looks on the outside now!

#6 - This weekend is the annual God & Country celebration in a town close by.  I usually go with my BFF & her hubby.  A couple of years ago, we didn't really have much going on and after the parade we drove around a bit and ended up in Mt. Airy.  We had so much fun...just walking around...laughing...just having a day out of town.  We've decided to do that again this year...but this year, we are heading for Boone after the parade.  I'm ecstatic!  Boone is kind of my other home and I haven't been in over a year.  I need to just spend a day soaking up the mountain air & sunshine. 

Plus I got a gift card to the Mast General Store...I hear the candy store calling my name! ;)

#7 - This is Dylan's birthday week!  He will be FIFTEEN on Friday.  FIFTEEN!  When in the world did that happen?  I'm so thankful for a relatively good child.  He has his moments, as most kids do, but the issues we deal with are so minimal compared to what it could be.

#8 - We finally got some much needed rain last night!  I've been water my plants...and they've been doing ok.  We had some storms roll through around 9ish last night...nothing too severe in my neck of the woods...but I know we got a good dousing.  Of course, with our mid-90's today, most of that is probably dried up by now!

#9 - Last week during VBS, my cousin's little girl was in my class.  We were talking about sacrifice and I asked the kids ways that they could show God's love by sacrificing something of theirs.  Destiny raised her hand and told me that she had been selling some of her artwork to her family and donating the money to her church for charity.  It was probably the sweetest thing...and when I told her Mom about it, her Mom said that she never even asked to keep any of it...she gave it willingly and freely.  I'm so thankful to see young children with such giving hearts.

#10 - Next Monday is the 4th of July.  I'm thankful for an extra day off this weekend...but more importantly, I'm thankful for the independence that we have in this country.  I'm thankful for the men and women who made that independence a reality...and who KEEP our country free.  Regardless of how you feel about the economy, our president, wars, etc., you should ALWAYS be thankful for the people who put their lives on the line to keep our country safe - including our local police, firemen & emergency services people.

Hope you have a great Tuesday! :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dear I love you! :)

After the longest Vacation Bible School week in the history of Vacation Bible School...I'm so thankful it's Friday!  Tomorrow I plan to sleep in...go to the pool with my friends...plant some flowers...and that's about all.  I'm hoping to ignore the fact that I desperately need to go to the grocery store so as not to ruin my day...but Dylan tends to get hungry, so I might have to give in! :P

Anyway, I don't have time for a super long post (I know you guys are thankful after the novels I've written lately), so I'll just get right to Five Question Friday with Mama M!  If you'd like to play along, head over to her site, copy the questions & link on up! :)

1. What is your current favorite tv show?

Well...I have quite a few.  I just recently stumbled onto the genius of Psych...

And then there's always Parenthood...

And for my guilty pleasure???  Jersey Shore.

Such a wide variety there...

2. What's the worst haircut you ever got?

Sorry Mom...but my worst haircut was actually a series of haircuts...and they all looked the same.  Very mullet-y. 

And I have to say sorry to Mom because she cut my hair way back then...

I'm on the right...


3. What was something that you did as a child that you thought you were so cool for doing?

When I was 9, my family flew to California.  Back then (in 1985), people didn't just hop a plane to Los Angeles.  We actually few from Greensboro, stopped in Charlotte (but didn't get off the plane) and then went on to Los Angeles.  We went to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, the beach (COLD) and visited with my Great-Aunt Uncle. 

Yep...I was definitely cool...I'd been to the West Coast!


4. Do you have any GREAT frugal family fun tips?

Not really...but I'd love to read some of your tips!

5. Would you drive across country if you had the money to fly?


6 hours is about my limit in a car

And I'm too impatient to drive when I know I can get to my  destination in 7 hours rather than 14 days.

I'd like to see everything between NC & California...but I don't think I could spend days in a car...

Maybe I underestimate myself...

But probably not! :)

Happy Friday...Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I've Been Up to Wednesday!

I guess for at least this week, I'm down to two posts per week...

I have missed reading your blogs...I have missed your comments on my blog.

But I guess it's hard to comment when there's nothing to comment on!

So....what has kept me so busy???

Friday night, I had a little BFF / Girl's Night! We went to The Loop (one of my favorite places to eat)...and then we went back to my house for a {mini} Netflix movie marathon. I was so right when I said if we made it to 11pm, we'd be lucky!  We watched 9 to 5 and The Incredible Shrinking Woman (kind of a salute to Lily Tomlin).  9 to 5 is and will always be a classic.  Not to mention that it was just funny to see all the styles...and realize that the boss in that movie would be in jail for life with all of the horrible things he said/did! :)  The first part of The Incredible Shrinking Woman was good...the last half, not so much.  In fact, I think we both fell asleep.  Oh, & learn!

Saturday I went to get a haircut and then to Lowes to pick out some flowers for my new flower bed.  I was able to get all of the impatiens planted before a huge storm came through...

Which I thought was going to threaten my "redneck therapy" at Bowman Gray...

BUT, what actually happened is that the storms came through early enough that it cooled the evening down and made the night at the races so nice!

Before we went to Bowman Gray, though, we did a little more celebrating at El favorite Mexican restaurant...YUM!

Sunday was church...lunch at The Loop (I told you it was my favorite - plus Dad's ate free!)...some swimming in a cold pool...and then some hanging out with my sister, niece & well as my parents & Dylan.  That evening I had to go back to the church to get some stuff ready for VBS...

Which brings me to the rest of my crazy week...because that's where I've been every night this week!

All in all, a lot of fun stuff.  And a great birthday celebration thrown in to the mix!

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes...they were the best.

And I was going to post  some pix...but Blogger isn't cooperating...maybe later I can.
Have a great Wednesday...I'll probably see you on Friday! :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Friday, Friday...

I don't know if y'all have heard this annoying song...not even sure who sings it...but they play it often on the radio station I listen a joke...but still.  That's what's playing through my head this morning.

And I couldn't be happier to see Friday! :)

So begins my bday weekend!  WOOT WOOT! 

I haven't found a birthday YET that has bothered me.  And...for your information...I will be 35 on Sunday! 

Which is weird...

Because I don't FEEL 35...but that's what the numbers say!

I have a fun weekend planned...mostly spending a lot of time with my BFF.  We are going to have a Netflix movie marathon tonight...which sounds like we will be up for hours...and in reality, if we make it to 11pm I'll be surprised.

Maybe I am getting old after all! ;)

Then tomorrow, we are sleeping in (hahahaha)...I have a haircut...and then we are going swimming!  We'll finish the day by going to Bowman Gray for a little "redneck therapy"! :)

I'm not really sure what my Sunday plans are...we celebrated Father's Day last night since my BIL has to work on Sunday and I have VBS all next week.  I have to get ready for that'll take up a bit of my time on Sunday...hopefully not too much and I can get a little more swimming in!

And we did a little birthday celebrating last night.  For my birthday this year, I asked for help, dirt & mulch for my front yard project.  (I really know how to celebrate, huh?)  But my Mom & Dad also gave me a headboard for my bed - actually my Dad MADE me a headboard for my bed.  It's a picket fence and I can't wait to get it in my room!  Sadly...I didn't get a picture of it, but I will once it's in place!

But I did get pix of these wonderful bday treats...
This is key lime cheese cake that my friend Casey made for me!

My mom found a recipe for lemon drop cupcakes!!!
Anybirthdaycelebration, today, as I most often do on Friday's, I am linking up with Mama M for Five Question Friday! If you'd like to join in the fun, head over to her blog...copy the questions and link on up!

1. What is your favorite summer time activity?

Heading to the question about it.  I would live there all summer long if I could!  There is nothing like spending a day on the beach with a good book and a nice ocean breeze. 

2. Do you have one laundry soap you stick to, or do you buy whatever's on sale?

I really like Tide detergent.  For a while, I switched over to Gain, which was OK...but in my heart of hearts, I know that I'm a Tide girl.  Plus, at Wal-Mart it's only a dollar or two more than I go ahead and get Tide. 

3. What is your favorite dinner to make in the summer?

Hamburgers on the grill with my mom's macaroni salad...maybe a little potato salad too...finished off with some homemade ice cream...


4. Do you have any talents?

I think I've answered this question before...I have talents...but the one I'm most proud of is being able to write in mirror.  I can write, fairly quickly, so that you can read what I've written in a mirror.  I don't know what that's good for...but it sure is fun!

5. If you could instantly be an expert in something, what would it be? Why?

I'm not sure...I would love to know more about blog design...because I feel like mine is a bit on the generic side...but I really don't have time to work at it or read up on all of the great tutorials out there.

I would also like to know more about flowers & plants.  I do not have a "black" thumb...but I don't exactly know what is good where.  Thankfully my mom is a plant & flower I just ask her! :)

I hope you have an excellent Friday and a wonderful weekend!  Hopefully I'll see you around next week some!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I've Been Up To Wednesday!

OK - so that's not a real meme or anything...but it should be! :)

I've been super busy the past few days...I haven't had much time to do blogging or tweeting.  I do check's a little faster than everything else...

So, what has been keeping me busy?

Well...since you asked...

Friday I decided to take the afternoon off.  I needed it.  Plus it was the last day of school for Dylan.  BUT, Friday was happened to be one of my "busy" days.  #1 - We pay bills at work on the 10th.  #2 - My boss (who does payroll) is out this all timesheets had to be entered & submitted to him before I could leave.  I think he knew that I needed the afternoon off, though, because he gave me the payables on Thursday afternoon so I could have the first step of processing done...and I was super efficient on Friday morning - so I got out of the office around 12:45ish!

I had to get my license renewed. :/  Thankfully, I ONLY had to wait an hour...which is an amazing feat in and of itself.  The only thing is that they mail you your license - so I have no idea if I'm gonna need to beg for a new pic or not!  I'm pretty sure I have a fairly stupid smile on my face because they also don't tell you that they are getting ready to take the picture.  I predict that my pic will be featured on a "yes - these are real driver's license pictures" e-mail list or website! ;P

So...after that, I decided to go swimming at my parents house - they have one of those 12' diameter intex pools - which is good enough for me!  Dylan was already there and my brother-in-law & niece were already swimming when I got there!  Ayden was still napping, but when he woke up, he joined us...and we found out that he is a wanna be fish! :)

Friday night I was supposed to go to a graduation, but there was a really bad storm and I didn't want to chance it, since it was an outdoor graduation.  Plus, the high school is not really equipped parking or traffic wise for all of the people who show up for graduation - so I figured I'd have to park a mile away and that traffic would be insane.  So, I opted out.  Dylan went to the church to play Nerf wars and I stayed home and finished some touch ups in my bathroom...that I painted three months ago! :)

Saturday morning, Mom & Dad came over to help me work on my flower beds...or lack thereof.  Also, my brick walkway was in desperate need of some "help".  Dylan & I took it up a week or so we needed to get it back in.

This was my front flower beds before:

Actually, I had already done a little bit of work to the flower beds - on the corner of the house, I used to have cana, which is a great bulb to put in a place where you don't mind it spreading and growing a bit...but mine had spread & grown to be a bit out of control.

THIS is my front flower beds on Saturday after we worked in them:

And, since Saturday, we have finished putting the brick walk in AND I now have mulch!  The only thing left is to add some pretty flowers and it'll be all done!  I do plan to move the hosta out from the porch railing a bit and move the smaller ones out into the larger bed area, but since they are already grown up and blooming, I'll have to wait on those!

Saturday afternoon, we had family pictures made...

And then I went to a graduation Saturday that didn't start until almost 9pm!!!

Sunday was a "veg" day (Dylan & I have been working our way through Psych on Netflix) and we finished putting in the brick path.

Monday was work, work, work...followed by work, work, work at home...because...

Tuesday night I had a Scentsy party! :) My BFF is a consultant and I agreed to do a party to help her out a bit. 

And Dylan & I had dental appointments yesterday as well!

So...yes - I've been super busy.  I feel like that's a running theme here on the blog lately...I have about a week when I can update and read and comment on other people's blogs...and then I get busy and have to ignore it for several days...and THEN you get to read my novels! :)

I don't see things slowing down for a week or too...but hopefully I'll get by here again soon!

Happy Wednesday! :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday - Random 13

My friend, Rachel, sometimes posts a "Thursday Thirteen" list on, well...Thursday's.  Usually it's just a list of similar things - movies, books, places she wants to go, etc., etc.  So, I thought I might do a "Thursday Thirteen" of sorts for your reading/viewing pleasure!

The other day, I was looking at the pictures on my phones, and I realized I have some VERY random things there.  So, for my "Thursday Thirteen" list, I will share with you 13 random pix from my phone!

1 -

When I go to get my hair cut, or while Dylan is getting his hair cut, I usually catch up on my People magazine reading - because she subscribes & I don't! ;)  Anyway, the last time I was at her shop while Dylan was getting his hair cut, I was perusing the People magazine and happened upon these two books in the book section that looked interesting.  I don't usually buy books and I'm notorious for snapping pix of books in a store, and evidently magazines too, that I want to read so I will remember to request them from the library!  I haven't requested these yet...mostly because I have 4 or 5 already checked out that I need to read first!

2 -

Recently we had some strong storms to come through our part of the world...the clouds were really cool looking that day...I was trying to capture a pic but it was a little difficult.

3 -

I can thank my son for this little gem.  He & my brother-in-law love to play "Finger Slayer" - Dylan on my phone...Zach on his own.  Dylan sent this to was his all time high score.  Later that evening I was treated to a return picture similar to this, but with a high score in the 4000's if I remember correctly.  Needless to say, I didn't hang on to that one.

4 -

This is my BFF...she is special...can you tell? HAHA! :)

5 -

I was having a dilemma about how exactly to wear my rainboots...I finally figured out the best way was to cuff my jeans...I had to show my sister! :)

6 -

Alyson got a hold of my phone...can you tell?

7 -

Back when they were promoting the Cake Boss episode where Buddy's wife is having their baby, Dylan & I decided that Buddy is NOT a pretty crier...this was Dylan's interpretation of his face! :)

8 -

My new ring that I love (and took a picture of using Instagram - which I love!!!).

9 -

Dylan & I were having a dispute about how many geese it takes to form a gaggle...and now you know too.  We actually were having this conversation as we were walking out of Wal-Mart...a passerby giggled at our conversation. :)

10 -

A headless Dylan! :) Another fun camera app for your iPhone!

11 -

Seth's birthday at El Maguey...he wore the sombrero...they sung to him in Spanish...very loudly! :)

12 -

One Saturday morning, one of the local news shows requested via Facebook that you upload a picture of your first cup of coffee...I complied.  (also done with Instagram)

13 -

This is my MOST favorite cupcake - Lemon is lemony goodness baked up and iced with lemony buttercream icing.  And it's quite heavenly...and unfortunately (although probably fortunate for my waist line) they only have these every once in a while!

Happy Thursday!  Hold on...Friday is on it's way! :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Almost wordless Wednesday...

We had the most amazing sunset last night...these pictures can't even begin to capture how simply beautiful it was.  Especially since Dylan was taking them while I was driving home...from my phone! :)


Happy Wednesday! :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Today, I'm joining my friend Amy Lynn over at PBJ Dreamer in celebrating Grati-Tuesday! :), these are the 10 things I'm grateful for:

#1 - Summer is finally here.  It's a little warm for my particular liking, but I prefer heat over cold.  Truth be told, I do not like extreme cold or extreme heat - mild is wear I want to be.  But, if I have to chose, I'll take the heat!

#2 - There are only three days of school left!  Wahoo!  I don't know why this makes me happy - I don't have to stay behind a kid to do his homework or projects or to keep his grades up.  I got lucky and have one of those self-motivator kids...well, when it comes to school work...sometimes.  But there's still a sense of freedom that comes with the last days of school...even if I still have to get up out of the bed every morning for work!

#3 - Sundresses & flip flops...need I say more?

#4 - Netflix - I had no idea what I was missing!  I had been resisting the Netflix craze...but now that I have it, I just. can't. cancel. it!!!!  Dylan & I are making our way through Psych and loving it!  I have several movies in my "instant que" that I can't wait to watch.  Funny Farm & The Money Pit - CLASSIC!

#5 - I have three & a half months left on my car loan.  I will be even MORE grateful when I can put on this list that I have no more car payment! :)  But, for now, I'm just thankful that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

#6 - Casting Crowns - I've been jamming out to their album today - "Until the Whole World Hears".  Love it!

#7 - Books...books...and more books...I am currently reading Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle by Ann B. Ross.  And I have about 4 more in a stack by my bed waiting to be read.  I tend to go reading crazy during the summer!

#8 - We have new curriculum for our Children's Worship at church...I absolutely love it...I love the lesson...the way they present it...the music that goes with it.  The whole package is awesome!

#9 - Tonight I'm going to a graduation party for my "favorite twins"...I'm grateful that they are a part of my life...I am sad that they will be leaving in August to go to college...but I KNOW God has great plans for their lives.  They are so special to me! :)

#10 - Chewing gum - I go through A LOT of chewing gum! :)

Happy Tuesday!  Hope it's a good one for you!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Teen Model ;)

A few weeks ago, my photographer friend at Boy & Girl Photography posted that she was looking for 'models' in the 11-19 year old range to do a free session.  I knew that she would want specific looks and I hoped that Dylan would be cooperative...or at least a partially willing victim.  He agreed to do the pix for her (although he swears that I guilted him into) and we had the pix done on Saturday.

Is it sad that Marsha Brady's infamous line "now, I'll never be a teen model" kept running through my head??? ;)

And for the temper tantrum that he threw Saturday morning regarding the shirt he had to wear, I was quite surprised at how compliant he was when we got to the photo shoot.

For your viewing pleasure, a few of the "sneak peek" shots:

And my personal favorite out of the bunch...

These were all shot in downtown Winston-Salem.  Some parts of Winston-Salem have been overhauled - we have a lot of abandoned tobacco factories that have been revamped into loft condos, apartment buildings and offices. For a smallish city, it has a good urban vibe!

Hope you have a great Monday!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Whew! Five Question Friday 6/3/11

What a week this has been! I didn't intend to not blog this just didn't happen!  I had a VERY busy Memorial Day weekend - my house got cleaned inside out!  On Saturday, Dylan & my dad worked outside, pressure washing the vinyl while I worked inside cleaning like I've never cleaned before!  I mean, I washed the windows, y'all!  Can you believe it???  Sunday I had church, worked on some church stuff at home and then went back to church that evening for a concert.  Monday we finished cleaning the siding under the carport (it can't be pressure washed because my back door leaks) and I cleaned my car inside out...which hadn't been done since September.  And how do I know for sure it's been since September???  When I was cleaning out the trash I found a sunglass tag for some sunglasses that my BFF bought when we went to the beach in September!  I know I cleaned it out before we, yep...that's the last time my car was all clean!  I took a little nap Monday afternoon and went shopping with my sis...and finished up the day with some homemade ice cream that my Dad made! And work has been busy...not so slammed that I can't breathe...but just busy enough that as I finish one thing, I have something else to move on to.  This is the way I like it!  So, all in all, not a bad week at all!

This weekend will hopefully be a bit slower than last weekend.  Dylan is doing some pictures for a photographer friend of mine - stuff she can use for advertising and promotional stuff.  Then we are having a movie night at the church - OUTSIDE!  I'm so excited about this!

There were a couple of things that I didn't get done last I'm hoping to get those tackled this weekend too!  Next weekend is high school graduation weekend...and I have two that I'm trying to go to.  My friend Amiracle is graduating from one school on Friday night - I'm pretty sad about this since she & her mom will be moving to LIBERIA in August...and then my favorite twins are graduating Saturday night, as well as some other high schooler friends. 

Let me please explain Amiracle real quick...because she (& her mom) has the coolest story.  Her mother was born & raised in Liberia.  As you may or may not be aware, Liberia hasn't always been a great place to live.  Eighteen years ago, Amiracle's mother fled Liberia, while she was pregnant with Amiracle.  She left with nothing but her purse and the clothes on her back.  She had seen many of her family members killed and had feared that she would also be killed.  She ended up in Houston, where Amiracle was born and somehow made it to NC.  Amiracle got her name because it was quite literally "a miracle" that they made it to the US alive.  Amiracle's grandmother was able to come to the US, but ended up going back to Liberia several years ago.  So, Amiracle & her mother will be moving back while Amiracle is in college.  Amiracle swears up & down that she will be back and that she intends to live in the US after college.  But she will be there in school for about 8 years, since she intends to be a doctor. 

Neat story, huh???

Ok - so, now what you all came here for...Five Question Friday! :)  If you want to play along, head over to Mama M's site, copy the questions & link up!

1. If you had to choose, how would you prefer to choose to spend money...on landscaping or a pool?

Why do I have to choose???  One of the coolest pools I ever saw was a "natural bottom" pool.  It looked very much like a lake or pond and the landscaping around it made you feel like you were swimming out in a pond, somewhere off the beaten path, instead of in a backyard. 

I just can't choose...I want them both! :)

2. Death penalty, yay or nay?

I'm always so torn about this...

#1 - As a Christian, I am supposed to be about forgiveness and not "an eye for an eye".

But, I believe there are crimes that are so heinous that the criminal should pay the ultimate price for his/her crime...just as their victim did.

On the other hand, is a quick easy death (we are all about lethal injection here in NC) a true punishment for the crime they committed against another person?  Is it not more horrible to have to live each and every day for the rest of your life with the guilt of your crime weighing on your conscious?

I really don't have a clear cut answer...

3. What's the worst thing your kid has gotten into when you turned your back/blogged/showered/blinked?

Once when Dylan was about 5 or so, I would try to get him to dry his hair with the hair dryer...especially in the winter and if he showered in the morning.  I'm not sure why I left Dylan's hair longer for so long (as opposed to the buzz cut he gets now)...his hair was notoriously thick, heavy...and didn't sleep well at all.  I have a picture from one mother's day when he literally had "horns" on his head from his bed head.  And the child was VERY opposed to combing his hair.  Anyway, I left him in the bathroom drying his hair for like 2 seconds...and when I came back, the hand towel was smoking in one spot and you could smell something burning.  Dylan fessed up pretty quickly and told me he wanted to know what would happen if he put the hair dryer up against the towel.  Needless to say, he found out pretty quickly.

And, as a matter of fact, that was the last time he dried his hair with the hair dryer...ever! :)

Ahhh...the curiousity of my 5 yr old boy...

4. How often to you REALLY go to the dentist?

Every 6ish months.  Sometimes they can't get us back in 6 months...but that's not my fault. 

However, we were supposed to go last week and I cancelled our appointments because Dylan couldn't miss any more school.  I still haven't figured out why I cancelled MY appointment...hopefully they will be able to work us in soon!

And of course, if I happen to have a cavity, I have to go back sooner than 6 months...

We love going to the dentist.  Dylan has had numerous cavities and after the nervousness of having the first one filled, he really didn't mind at all.  In fact, I think he should've minded a little more - maybe he would've brushed better! ;)

5. What is your favorite animal (doesn't have to be a pet-type animal)?

I love polar bears.  I think they are so beautiful and fascinating.  Several, several years ago they added a polar bear exhibit at the NC Zoo.  If I remember correctly, the polar bears were rescued from a traveling circus that was traveling in South America.  I do think one of them has since I'm not sure if there is one or two there.  I always thought it was strange that we could have polar bears living in NC...but they have a refrigerated room that they can go to to cool off and I believe the water in their habitat is cooled enough to keep them comfortable.

Sorry this was so long...this is what happens when I don't blog for a week...I unleash a week's worth of stuff into one entry! :)

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!