Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I've Been Up to Wednesday!

I guess for at least this week, I'm down to two posts per week...

I have missed reading your blogs...I have missed your comments on my blog.

But I guess it's hard to comment when there's nothing to comment on!

So....what has kept me so busy???

Friday night, I had a little BFF / Girl's Night! We went to The Loop (one of my favorite places to eat)...and then we went back to my house for a {mini} Netflix movie marathon. I was so right when I said if we made it to 11pm, we'd be lucky!  We watched 9 to 5 and The Incredible Shrinking Woman (kind of a salute to Lily Tomlin).  9 to 5 is and will always be a classic.  Not to mention that it was just funny to see all the styles...and realize that the boss in that movie would be in jail for life with all of the horrible things he said/did! :)  The first part of The Incredible Shrinking Woman was good...the last half, not so much.  In fact, I think we both fell asleep.  Oh, & learn!

Saturday I went to get a haircut and then to Lowes to pick out some flowers for my new flower bed.  I was able to get all of the impatiens planted before a huge storm came through...

Which I thought was going to threaten my "redneck therapy" at Bowman Gray...

BUT, what actually happened is that the storms came through early enough that it cooled the evening down and made the night at the races so nice!

Before we went to Bowman Gray, though, we did a little more celebrating at El favorite Mexican restaurant...YUM!

Sunday was church...lunch at The Loop (I told you it was my favorite - plus Dad's ate free!)...some swimming in a cold pool...and then some hanging out with my sister, niece & well as my parents & Dylan.  That evening I had to go back to the church to get some stuff ready for VBS...

Which brings me to the rest of my crazy week...because that's where I've been every night this week!

All in all, a lot of fun stuff.  And a great birthday celebration thrown in to the mix!

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes...they were the best.

And I was going to post  some pix...but Blogger isn't cooperating...maybe later I can.
Have a great Wednesday...I'll probably see you on Friday! :)

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