Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday - Random 13

My friend, Rachel, sometimes posts a "Thursday Thirteen" list on, well...Thursday's.  Usually it's just a list of similar things - movies, books, places she wants to go, etc., etc.  So, I thought I might do a "Thursday Thirteen" of sorts for your reading/viewing pleasure!

The other day, I was looking at the pictures on my phones, and I realized I have some VERY random things there.  So, for my "Thursday Thirteen" list, I will share with you 13 random pix from my phone!

1 -

When I go to get my hair cut, or while Dylan is getting his hair cut, I usually catch up on my People magazine reading - because she subscribes & I don't! ;)  Anyway, the last time I was at her shop while Dylan was getting his hair cut, I was perusing the People magazine and happened upon these two books in the book section that looked interesting.  I don't usually buy books and I'm notorious for snapping pix of books in a store, and evidently magazines too, that I want to read so I will remember to request them from the library!  I haven't requested these yet...mostly because I have 4 or 5 already checked out that I need to read first!

2 -

Recently we had some strong storms to come through our part of the world...the clouds were really cool looking that day...I was trying to capture a pic but it was a little difficult.

3 -

I can thank my son for this little gem.  He & my brother-in-law love to play "Finger Slayer" - Dylan on my phone...Zach on his own.  Dylan sent this to was his all time high score.  Later that evening I was treated to a return picture similar to this, but with a high score in the 4000's if I remember correctly.  Needless to say, I didn't hang on to that one.

4 -

This is my BFF...she is special...can you tell? HAHA! :)

5 -

I was having a dilemma about how exactly to wear my rainboots...I finally figured out the best way was to cuff my jeans...I had to show my sister! :)

6 -

Alyson got a hold of my phone...can you tell?

7 -

Back when they were promoting the Cake Boss episode where Buddy's wife is having their baby, Dylan & I decided that Buddy is NOT a pretty crier...this was Dylan's interpretation of his face! :)

8 -

My new ring that I love (and took a picture of using Instagram - which I love!!!).

9 -

Dylan & I were having a dispute about how many geese it takes to form a gaggle...and now you know too.  We actually were having this conversation as we were walking out of Wal-Mart...a passerby giggled at our conversation. :)

10 -

A headless Dylan! :) Another fun camera app for your iPhone!

11 -

Seth's birthday at El Maguey...he wore the sombrero...they sung to him in Spanish...very loudly! :)

12 -

One Saturday morning, one of the local news shows requested via Facebook that you upload a picture of your first cup of coffee...I complied.  (also done with Instagram)

13 -

This is my MOST favorite cupcake - Lemon is lemony goodness baked up and iced with lemony buttercream icing.  And it's quite heavenly...and unfortunately (although probably fortunate for my waist line) they only have these every once in a while!

Happy Thursday!  Hold on...Friday is on it's way! :)


Katie said...

Love the Thursday 13! :) These are so cute. I still want that cupcake... Lol.

Rachel said...

Welcome to the Thursday 13 club!! It's fun!! :) I really love your new ring, so pretty!

I've never worn rain boots, so I don't know the "proper" way. That way seems to work though!!

Have a great day!