Monday, June 6, 2011

Teen Model ;)

A few weeks ago, my photographer friend at Boy & Girl Photography posted that she was looking for 'models' in the 11-19 year old range to do a free session.  I knew that she would want specific looks and I hoped that Dylan would be cooperative...or at least a partially willing victim.  He agreed to do the pix for her (although he swears that I guilted him into) and we had the pix done on Saturday.

Is it sad that Marsha Brady's infamous line "now, I'll never be a teen model" kept running through my head??? ;)

And for the temper tantrum that he threw Saturday morning regarding the shirt he had to wear, I was quite surprised at how compliant he was when we got to the photo shoot.

For your viewing pleasure, a few of the "sneak peek" shots:

And my personal favorite out of the bunch...

These were all shot in downtown Winston-Salem.  Some parts of Winston-Salem have been overhauled - we have a lot of abandoned tobacco factories that have been revamped into loft condos, apartment buildings and offices. For a smallish city, it has a good urban vibe!

Hope you have a great Monday!


Katie said...

Those are great! And I agree about the last one. :) Where exactly were these taken? It looks like a fun setting.

Serenity. said...

Great pics. He's a handsome boy. :)

Rachel said...

He is so handsome!! Seriously, when my niece is a little older, I'm introducing them (she's 13 now).


Jen said...

How fun! Those are great pics! I can definitely see the resemblance between you two. :)