Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I've Been Up To Wednesday!

OK - so that's not a real meme or anything...but it should be! :)

I've been super busy the past few days...I haven't had much time to do blogging or tweeting.  I do check's a little faster than everything else...

So, what has been keeping me busy?

Well...since you asked...

Friday I decided to take the afternoon off.  I needed it.  Plus it was the last day of school for Dylan.  BUT, Friday was happened to be one of my "busy" days.  #1 - We pay bills at work on the 10th.  #2 - My boss (who does payroll) is out this all timesheets had to be entered & submitted to him before I could leave.  I think he knew that I needed the afternoon off, though, because he gave me the payables on Thursday afternoon so I could have the first step of processing done...and I was super efficient on Friday morning - so I got out of the office around 12:45ish!

I had to get my license renewed. :/  Thankfully, I ONLY had to wait an hour...which is an amazing feat in and of itself.  The only thing is that they mail you your license - so I have no idea if I'm gonna need to beg for a new pic or not!  I'm pretty sure I have a fairly stupid smile on my face because they also don't tell you that they are getting ready to take the picture.  I predict that my pic will be featured on a "yes - these are real driver's license pictures" e-mail list or website! ;P

So...after that, I decided to go swimming at my parents house - they have one of those 12' diameter intex pools - which is good enough for me!  Dylan was already there and my brother-in-law & niece were already swimming when I got there!  Ayden was still napping, but when he woke up, he joined us...and we found out that he is a wanna be fish! :)

Friday night I was supposed to go to a graduation, but there was a really bad storm and I didn't want to chance it, since it was an outdoor graduation.  Plus, the high school is not really equipped parking or traffic wise for all of the people who show up for graduation - so I figured I'd have to park a mile away and that traffic would be insane.  So, I opted out.  Dylan went to the church to play Nerf wars and I stayed home and finished some touch ups in my bathroom...that I painted three months ago! :)

Saturday morning, Mom & Dad came over to help me work on my flower beds...or lack thereof.  Also, my brick walkway was in desperate need of some "help".  Dylan & I took it up a week or so we needed to get it back in.

This was my front flower beds before:

Actually, I had already done a little bit of work to the flower beds - on the corner of the house, I used to have cana, which is a great bulb to put in a place where you don't mind it spreading and growing a bit...but mine had spread & grown to be a bit out of control.

THIS is my front flower beds on Saturday after we worked in them:

And, since Saturday, we have finished putting the brick walk in AND I now have mulch!  The only thing left is to add some pretty flowers and it'll be all done!  I do plan to move the hosta out from the porch railing a bit and move the smaller ones out into the larger bed area, but since they are already grown up and blooming, I'll have to wait on those!

Saturday afternoon, we had family pictures made...

And then I went to a graduation Saturday that didn't start until almost 9pm!!!

Sunday was a "veg" day (Dylan & I have been working our way through Psych on Netflix) and we finished putting in the brick path.

Monday was work, work, work...followed by work, work, work at home...because...

Tuesday night I had a Scentsy party! :) My BFF is a consultant and I agreed to do a party to help her out a bit. 

And Dylan & I had dental appointments yesterday as well!

So...yes - I've been super busy.  I feel like that's a running theme here on the blog lately...I have about a week when I can update and read and comment on other people's blogs...and then I get busy and have to ignore it for several days...and THEN you get to read my novels! :)

I don't see things slowing down for a week or too...but hopefully I'll get by here again soon!

Happy Wednesday! :)

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Rachel said...

I love your house, it's so cute!! And that is a great family picture!!

I hear you about being so busy you can't blog. I really wish there were more hours in the day, I would have time to blog and catch up on my reading!!

I missed hearing from you on Twitter while you were AWOL. Glad you have been productive!!