Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Insanity of Living With Me

Dylan has no choice but to live with me.  Mostly because I say so...I'm the mom...and that makes it so. :)  But I know that at times, it must be a challenge. 

And just so you know...he's 14...so the challenge part goes both ways.

There are certain things that I may be a bit neurotic about...I don't mean to be...but for some reason this is the way that I'm wired.  For instance, when I hear a bad storm come up or a heavy rain, I automatically begin to wonder if Dylan left anything out in the yard that we possible wouldn't want to get wet (i.e. a bike, ball, some other toy).  It doesn't matter that he shouldn't have left it out there any way or that it's his own fault...or the fact that he actually does usually put his things away...well, his outside things anyway.  The inside things...not so much.

Anyway, the other thing is taking the garbage to the street.  I don't mind doing this...but Dylan doesn't have too many jobs around the house (please reference the neurotic tendencies...also keep in mind that our house is about the size of a dinner napkin and requires little maintenance).  So, the garbage is one of his "jobs".  Each week the garbage truck comes around on Tuesday.  I will beg & plead with Dylan to take the garbage to the street on Monday evening.  Sometimes he complies...sometimes he doesn't.  Unless it's Christmas, we usually don't have to set our garbage out weekly...even though I try to...but we do try to get it up to the street every other week.  And, the garbage trucks run VERY early...like around 7ish.

So...last night, I reminded Dylan that the garbage needed to go to the street and he said he'd take care of it in the morning.  He asked me to remind him...I thought, no big deal - when I get up, I'll remind him.  Well, along about 5:55am, I am snuggling down in my bed...waiting for the alarm to go off...and all of the sudden I swear I hear the beeping of a truck and dogs barking.  I think - WOW the garbage came early today!  And then I begin to panic because I know our garbage isn't at the street.  I stumble through the house...wake Dylan (who has fallen back asleep watching TV)...and tell him the garbage trucks are in the neighborhood.  His reply - No they aren't.  They don't run this early.  To which I reply - I know, but I swear I heard them.  I stumble back to bed, thinking he's going to ignore me but a few minutes later I hear him get the garbage from the kitchen...go out the back door and come back in.

Fast forward about 30 minutes...our conversation...

Me: Well...I think I heard the garbage truck...but maybe not.

Dylan: So, that really did happen?  You really came in my room and told me you thought the garbage was running?  Because I couldn't figure out if it was a dream or not.  And then when I came back in, I thought you might get mad at me because I was loud.

Me: No - that really happened.  I swear I heard the truck coming through!

Fast forward another 30 minutes or so...I get this text from Dylan (who's out at the bus stop):

"The garbage is coming through right now so ha"

Yes...it must be interesting living with me...


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Rachel said...

I love the stories of you and Dylan. He seems like such a neat kid!! :)