Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Yup...if you come to visit me...all you've gotten this week is *crickets*.  There's no reason for it.  I'm not melting down...I'm not too stressed....I have been busy...but more than that, I have nothing to write about. 

Because my life is unusually quiet. 


Our church Fall Festival went well...everything fell into place.  Sunday was spent in an exhausted, headache induced fog.  A nap was involved.  Monday was Monday.  Yesterday was my Dad's bday. 

Ho hum...that's all I've got. 

I've been around...I've been reading & commenting.  And maybe when I get inspired again, I'll write some more.  Maybe something blog-worthy will happen soon enough...we shall see...


Shell said...

Never any need to apologize! :)

Ian said...

Hey look how CUTE YOUR BLOG IS!!!! Following from the Friday Follow!!!!

Rachel said...

I know how you feel about being busy and not being able to update!! Glad things are going well though!


Marianne said...

Hey, sometimes inspiration is there, sometimes it isn't. When you have something to share, we'll be here, but until then, enjoy yourself!