Wednesday, October 6, 2010

C25K Progress

Sorry...I had to do a double post for today.  All of my friends are at the fair (boo me)...I went by my parents' - they were gone...I'm not sure where...they aren't supposed to go places when I want to come by!  So, I have no one to tell about my super progress on my C25K program!!!!  Tonight's run was SO awesome!  My will power kicked in to hyper drive...which is quite unusual.  The front of my thighs were still sore from Monday's run and normally my aches and soreness win out over will power.  And now, I'm so happy I decided to run anyway!  I was able to run the first FIVE intervals...and walked through the sixth and ran the last two!  My goal tonight was to run through at least four before walking through.  But when I finished four, I thought - hey I can do #5 too.  And I DID!  WOOT WOOT! I'm actually looking forward to Saturday's run.  I'm still gonna do the first week twice.  I need to be able to do the whole 8 intervals and feel comfortable with them before I move on.

I appreciate all the encouragement!  I think it helps! :)