Saturday, October 23, 2010

Still here...

Yes, I'm still here...still kicking! :)  Just wanted to check in...but there is so much going on and not nearly enough time for it all! 

Since I've been gone, though, things have been good - this is just a snapshot of the things that have happened since I went on "break"...

Last Saturday, we celebrated sweet Ayden's 1st birthday!  So unbelievable that it's been a year...and then in other ways it's hard to remember our lives without him!  Here's a little snapshot from the birthday bash...

Tuesday night, my BFF Ash & I went to The Sound of Music Sing-A-Long.  I was so excited...this is one of my all time favorite movies!  I remember when I was little, well before the days of VHS/DVD/Movies On Demand, one of the major networks would normally show the movie once a year.  It was one of those "special" movies, like The Wizard of Oz that I would be allowed to stay up and watch (seems like those movies always aired on Sundays!).  I wasn't sure how crowded it would be, since they are only doing the showings 10/19 (past Tues) and 10/26.  Evidently, they haven't advertised it well in this area...because we were only 2 of about 15 in the theater!  But, it was still cool...and they put the words on the screen so it was a TRUE sing-a-long!

Work has been ways of doing things...and he's not computer,'s been wild.  But my week has been good.  I've been sticking with my Couch 2 5K runs with a little modification.  I felt like this week I should be able to move up to the next level...but either I need new shoes or new knees.  I'm going to start with new shoes and see how that goes.  Today, I didn't use the podcast or follow the "plan"...but I think I did well.  I set my own goals for running and alternated those with walking.  I kind of like this "plan" and I don't feel like it's a huge departure from the C25K program.  Just doing it in a way that's a little better for me.  I plan to continue pushing my intervals longer and longer.  We'll see.  I may have to move back to the program.  But today's run went better and I felt better about it! :)

Oh & strangely enough, I'm very much enjoying the baseball playoffs...Dylan has me cheering on the Giants tonight...I'm not sure if I should or not, but I'll support him in this! :)  Of course, we are cheering on the Rangers in their first World Series!!!

So...I'm still here...I haven't really even had time to be on here to read any blogs.  I may have some time tomorrow, but not sure.  And I'm not giving up blogging...just sitting back and trying to get some perspective in my life.

Hope you are all well...see you soon! :)


Rachel said...

I love that you are watching post season baseball!! Maybe I'll convert you to a Rangers fan full time!! :)

I LOVE the Sound of Music!! My mom and I watched it last time I went to visit her. I remember it being shown once a year (wasn't it around Easter?) I also noticed how much they cut out after I got the DVD.

Have a great day!


shortmama said...

Way to go sticking with your running plan!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I am glad to see you!

I wish Grease would do a Sing-a-Long!!! Tyler loves Grease as much as I do. We know all of the words.

Take Care :-)

Salt said...

I hear ya...I haven't been around much myself!

Sound of Music sing-a-long sounds like so much fun! I wish they would do something like that around here. I'd go for sure. :)