Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out: My Kid

I don't think I make it any secret around here that I love my kid.  He's by far the best thing that ever happened to me so far in my life.  I alluded a little bit to something yesterday that he did that just really put me over the moon concerning my C25K runs...I'll re-share that in a bit.

I knew that Dylan was strong when he was born.  Within a couple of weeks, he would push himself up to stand on his feet whenever you held him in your lap.  He wasn't strong enough to hold himself up, of course, but he would push on you with his feet and he loved to be held so that he could stand on your stomach, legs, whatever.  He was sitting up, well, by the time he was 5 months old or so.  I can't honestly remember when he began to crawl because that stage lasted all of about 5 minutes (or so it seemed) and at 9 1/2 months I had a walker.  Sometimes I have to think about that fact...because it seems so unreal, even though I know kids develop at different paces and some hit those milestones before others.  And I've often wondered if I over-exxagerate the time...trying to make it seem like he was more advanced.  But then, I remember that I took him to Florida for the first time when he was 10 mos old and we have video of him toddling around Disney World.

Of course, the walking also only lasted a few minutes before he began to run...everywhere and all the time!  I have a distinct memory of Dylan on his first birthday...he was running through the backyard towards his sandbox...giggling and smiling all the way.  Precious.  Simply Precious.

I also remember that my Mom & Dad took him for his 1 yr check up (I had a class I couldn't they took him for me)...the doctor was checking out all his joints...he got a kind of strange look on his face when he was checking out his hips and upper thighs and Dad thought there was something wrong.  Finally the doctor's face relaxed and he said that there was nothing wrong...his legs were just very muscular for his age! 

As Dylan has grown, I've discovered that he's very athletically gifted.  He can play most sports well.  And although, he can play them well, he enjoys most sports as a casual player.  At one point during Elementary school, the school had begun a basketball program.  Of course, Dylan didn't sign up because he'd prefer to just "shoot hoops" rather than play an organized game...but later in the week, the principal called him to his office and BEGGED Dylan to play on the team.  He knew Dylan could play and his grades were good, so he met the academic requirements.  But, Dylan politely declined.

I've always noticed in whatever sport or athletic endeavor that Dylan participates in he has great endurance.  And while the only sport that he plays in any organized fashion is soccer, he can be very competitive.  He's a bit of a perfectionist, although you wouldn't know it by looking at his room.  But there are things that he chooses to be best at.  Math is one of those things...when they do timed exercises he has to be the first one done.  I've tried to encourage the "going back over your work" thing...but aggravatingly enough, most of the time all of his answers are correct too.  In gym they have athletic testing too.  And he's competitive with this too.  He wants to do the most push ups or sit ups or run his mile the fastest.  (Funny sidenote: the only athletic test that he can't seem to do well at is jump roping - I think this is hilarious and he always says that he doesn't think that it should be included...I just laugh)

So, you know I've been working through the Couch to 5K program.  And Dylan is a runner.  On Saturday morning, we went to do our run.  Dylan's comment prior to the run (when discussing his upcoming 5K) - I'm not even sure I'll be able to run the whole 5K.  I told him he needed to try to run 3 miles at the park and see how he did.

Yeah...he knocked it about 24 minutes...while I pushed myself through 8 torturous intervals of running/walking.

Last night, I did my first run of my second week.  I'm re-doing Week One because I feel like I'm not ready to move to the Week Two.  My sister & her family had come to the park to walk/run as well and at the end of my 7th interval, I caught up with her walking.  So, when I started my 8th interval, she & Dylan started running too.  And I found myself running better...keeping a better pace...not hurting quite as much as normal.  Now I understand that I'm conditioning myself and that I should be getting better with each run.  But, my 8th interval felt like my 1st. 

And right then & there, I knew that I needed a running partner.  I mentioned this to Dylan on the way home and he said, do you think I ran my mile in 6:24 at school?

And then, I asked a question that I thought I would be politely declined on...I asked Dylan to run my intervals with me on Thursday.

And he said yes. 

My 14 year old did not politely decline my request.

Honestly, I figured he wouldn't want to run the intervals...that he'd want to go at his own pace.  But, he said he would run with me!

Usually, my posts for this meme are where I pour my heart out in sadness or loneliness or aggravation...but today, I'm pouring my heart out in joy.

Joy that I have this great kid in my life.  And for the support he's giving me in my quest to be in better physical shape.

Now...later today, he might not make me as joyful...but I'll take it for now! :)


Shell said...

What a sweet post! He sounds like a great kid! I love that he will be your partner.

Audra said...

How fantastic! It isn't every day that a teenage boy nowadays willingly spends time with their parents. Good job raising a sweet boy!

Rachel said...

You have the greatest son! Maybe because he has the greatest mom! :) That is so awesome. I love reading stories like this!


purseblogger said...

That is so cute. I love that he wants to run with you. :)

shortmama said...

What a good boy! You are doing a good job mama!