Monday, October 11, 2010

Friend Makin Monday!

Monday came and went with a big woosh!  It's been such a busy day.  I forgot that today was bill payin' day at work...not to mention all my other Monday stuff.  And then Dylan had a home game tonight and I had to take, after I left work I had to go by the store...go by my parents to get a cooler...fill the cooler and get to the school.  The JV game was baaaaddd...they lost 6-0.  The Varsity game was aweseome, even though they lost...but the officials were HORRIBLE. 

Just a little Couch 2 5K note...I did ALL of my intervals on Saturday...I ran REALLY early...OK, early for me...but I think run better in the evenings.  At any rate, I did it!

I'm always thankful on a busy day like today for a meme...and especially ones that are Q&A!  I know it's late in the day...but if you'd like to participate, you can visit Kenz & link up!

1) Do you prefer talking or texting?

I don't mind talking to my BFF or my family, although I think texting can be much more efficient.  And I will hit up e-mail anytime instead of actually talking to someone I don't know.

2) Do you make your bed everyday?

When I lived at home with my parents, I NEVER made my bed...but I do now almost every day.  The days I don't are usually Saturdays...and sometimes Sunday.  But I agree with does make the room seem tidier, even if it isn't!

3) What sounds do you hear right now?

TV...I'm waiting for my Monday night show...Hawaii 5-0

4) List three things that you always carry with you:

Cell phone, keys (which has one of those keychain/wallet things attached), water

5) What are your favorite TV shows?

currently: Hawaii 5-0, Life Unexpected, Parenthood, Jersey Shore (yeah...I know...)

all time: Cosby Show, Carol Burnett Show, Gilmore Girls, any classic cartoon (i.e. Flintstones, Jetsons, Scooby Doo)

6) Is there a hobby that you'd like to devote more time to?

I'm not sure when I'd have time for a hobby...but I would really love to know a bit more about blog design.  I see so many cute ones out there...and I like mine...but I'd like to make it more personal

7) What is your favorite drink?

Coffee...first & foremost
Water next
Cherry Coke - I've found that if you can't get Cherry Coke on fountain, you can mix just a bit of Cheerwine in with Coke and come pretty close.

Oh yeah...I forgot Cheerwine is an NC thing...y'all are missing out! :)

8) Share a couple of cool facts about your family:

- My grandfather was a WWII POW for 45 days...but he wasn't "recognized" until much later - I think I was 11 or 12 at the time...
- There's a road in Walnut Cove, NC named for my great-grandfather actually built a house on that road and then named it after our family.  The house NEVER had indoor plumbing...because the property wouldn't perk for septic.  My great-grandmother used an outhouse (or chamber pot - YUCK!) until she went into a nursing home...which was late in her life.

9) List one thing that you will do for yourself today:

Well the days almost out...but I bought some peppermint patties for me today! :)

10) Share something that you're thankful for today:

My family

Hope your Monday has been a good one! :)


Jen said...

I really should of included Coffee on my list too because yeah, I have to have my coffee!! Happy Friend making Monday!!

Sandra said...

I'm here from a comment that I saw you had left over at The Girl Next Door Grows Up, and I'm laughing because you wrote: "I started blogging because I'm nosey!" Me too!!! I have completely stopped reading novels because I would much rather read about people's lives.
Anyway, love the question/answer you've got going on here, well, because I'm nosey!

Brandi. said...

I LOVE Gilmore Girls! And couldn't live without my coffee. :)

Have a great week.

shortmama said...

I am so bad about making my bed...I do it in spurts...really good for a few weeks and then not at all for months!

Marianne said...

Congrats on such great progress for C25k! That's great!

What is Cheerwine?

And girl, you know I love me some Hawaii 5-0. I'm two weeks behind though!