Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Merging the Virtual with the Real

When I first started this blog, it started as an experiment.  I have always enjoyed writing and I had been mildly stalking reading another blog regularly.  I thought "Hey this could be fun". 

Soon my blogging became about networking with other blogs…trying to get others to read MY blog…see my thoughts.  But the problem became that the people I was interacting with, I didn't know.  I liked the anonymity.  I created a new e-mail address that wouldn't link me to my "real" world with my real name/Facebook/etc.  I created a twitter account that would support my need to not have people that I didn't know make connections to me in real life.  I mean, I didn't want to create a situation that would end up proving dangerous for me or my family. 

But in reality, I think I was a little scared.  Scared that people that I knew in real life would find this…would see my thoughts expressed here in this forum…and I continued to keep this blog world very separate from my "real" world.  I did have a few "real world" readers - my best friend knew about the blog…my parents stumbled upon it somehow.   But other than that, the people who I was interacting here would most likely never enter into my "real" world.  And over time that began to bother me.

Now - let me back up just a second…I don't want anyone reading this to think that I feel like connections I've made here are fake or unreal.  There are a handful of people who I met through this blogging world that I feel are "real" friendships…I truly believe that there are a few of you that I will one day have the joy and pleasure of meeting in real life.  But, there are not many of those.

So, as I began to feel  this disconnect between this virtual world I had created and my "real" world, I pulled away from blogging.  I needed to focus and invest more time and energy in my day to day relationships…people that I could touch and see.  

But, then, one day…something happened.  I have traditionally popped in and out on Twitter…I'll tweet a lot…and then nothing at all for days/weeks.  For some reason, I checked my followers…and there was a real life person who had found my Twitter account and followed it.  I was terrified…all of the sudden a "real" person had entered my virtual world.  I joked with her that she had uncovered my secret identity; but soon I began to seek out other Twitter people who I knew in "real" life.  Slowly, my two worlds are beginning to merge.

I'm not ready to go full force and put myself out there (I won't be posting on FB when I create a blog post), but I'm not going to be afraid if "real" people read this. 

So…please make yourself welcome…visit often…read what you want to read…don't read if you don't want to...but no matter what, you are welcome here in my virtual world!

Oh...and for those of you wondering...No, I never decided to give up something for year wins again! ;)

*Just a note - I had to disable the option for 'anonymous' people to leave comments because I was constantly getting spammed - you must have a Google account to comment.  But you are more than welcome to send me an e-mail comment (if you'd like) to :)

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