Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Draw Something" Fun

How many of you are playing the game "Draw Something"...and if not, WHY? 

A few weeks ago I got sucked into "Words With Friends"...which I'm still stuck on the game.  Mostly because it seems that this is one of those games that you are get better at as you play it more.  And I play it...a lot!  My BFF & I play...but she told me that she was really stuck on this game "Draw Something".

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I tried it out.

And now am 100% completely and totally addicted to this game.

So. much. fun.

I am not a good artist...and drawing on my iPhone is not as easy as you would think.  It's amazing that the things that I think would be easy to draw are actually some of the hardest.  And what you think looks like a dinosaur/dog/cow/what have you, does not always transfer well to the other person.

Just ask my friend Zac who tried to draw "macbook"...but failed miserably.

I have been able to snap a few of my "masterpieces" on my phone...and I thought you might enjoy seeing them too! :)

This is one of my earlier drawings...I sent it to Ashley and told her that it was sad...she said couldn't laugh at it because her's was about the same...only a lot more blood.

In the midst of watching this one, I got a text from Ashley that said "that's the saddest looking cow I've ever seen". Evidently, she recognized what it was...because she got the word correct! :)

Another sad, sad attempt.  I thought "Vader" would be soooo easy...draw a black mask.  Well, as you can see...not quite so easy!

I personally just loved this one...with the lion's crazy eyes and everything!

Quite honestly, this is the one that I am most proud of.  I can't remember what my three words were, but I had to do this for my BFF since she dressed up as Snooki for Halloween one year.

I sit and laugh and laugh and myself and the other drawers in this game.  It's just so much fun!

If you wanna play with me (and why wouldn't've seen my work!), my user name is brwnidgrljenn! :)

**This is not an advertisement for the app 'Draw Something' and I did not receive any compensation or a free app for writing this blog...but if they wanted to send me the full version for free, I would not stop them! ;)


Tracy said...

My daughter got me hooked on this game and she is the only one I play. So I sent you a game request.

Rachel said...

Okay, I really suck at this game, but I'll send you a game request anyways, just don't laugh. :) I tried to draw a sword once and it turned out looking obscene! ;)

I'm averyfan (duh). ;)