Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Kick My Shoes Off...and a few other random facts about me

I have noticed here recently that I have developed some peculiarities...habits...neurosis if you will.  And so, today, and today only...I am going to share a few of them with you.

OK - who am I kidding?  I'm likely to share them with you any old day...just try having a conversation with me about where I have to sit at the table...

#1 - Speaking of where I have to sit at the table...I have developed a preference (I like this choice of word) for where I would like to sit.  Part of this is because I'm left handed.  You right handed people don't know why this is such a big deal...because let's face it...the majority of people ARE right handed.  So there is no real thought that you have to put into where you choose to sit since the likelihood of you bumping elbows with someone during the entire meal is not very great.  I, on the otherhand, constantly find myself thinking about where I can sit where I will have the freedom to eat and not constantly be hitting someone with my arm or elbow.  This...

is where I like to sit. 

At every table...

In every restaurant...

And at church.

I have witnesses that can verify this "preference".

#2 - I do not like shoes. At all. I prefer to wear sandals or flip flops that can easily come off...so that when I'm sitting down I can slip them off.

Currently, I'm sitting here at my desk...no shoes...they are under my desk and if I have to walk around, then I'll put them back on.  Otherwise, no shoes.

#3 - I DO NOT eat meat that is touching a bone.  That's right folks.  I understand that at some point or another most of the meat I eat was touching a bone.  I just don't want the bone to still be there when I go to eat it.

OK - that's all I can think of right now.  I'm sure if I gave anyone I know 5 minutes here on the blog, they'd provide a few other of my "preferences"...but alas, I don't give them my password for a reason.


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Katie said...

I'm the same way-- no shoes! And Donny is left handed, so we have to sit a special way when we got eat so as not to assault each other during dinner. Lol. You lefties are complicated!! ;)