Monday, May 6, 2013

{Sick Days}

Today it is raining for the what seems like the 75th day in a row. 

I honestly am beginning to believe that my little section of NC has somehow been transplanted to's been rainy & cold for far too long.

I know we will all appreciate it in the summer when it's 100 degrees outside and we haven't seen rain for weeks...

But cold & rainy days do not make for a happy Jenn.

One of my Twitter friends posted today that she was watching Sesame Street with her sick child today...her children are younger than five...but it got me thinking...

I really miss sick days with my little one.

Sometimes they were timed perfectly...I needed a day to catch up on laundry or something like that and I would hope for a sick day...and voila - one would arrive!

Sometimes they were timed at the most inconvenient of times where I had to shift things and move things and make everything fit into place.

I remember one time I dropped Dylan off for school at normal time and the school called for me to pick him up around 9:30am.  I fumed all the way to school - the day was a half day...could he not make it 2-1/2 more hours???  Dylan was a well known sufferer of school-itis...I remember calling Ashley & telling her how aggravated I was with this "sick" kid...only to arrive at school to find out that he never made it back to his classroom. He had thrown up in the hall and then they found him in the bathroom.

Yeah...I felt like a heel.

That particular day, I had nothing to catch up on...I had nothing that I needed to do...and I remember putting him in my bed and sitting in a rocking chair, watching him sleep.

What I wouldn't give for another sick day.

Now, hear me say...I'm not wishing my kid to be sick.  Not at all.  We are on the home stretch of school for the year...he has AP testing this week...he needs to finish out the school year strong.

But, I wouldn't mind a day sitting on the couch with my little one snuggled up to me...half way between wake & sleep...needing nothing more than his mom to love on him & comfort him.

That's what I miss...

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