Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Catching up...again...

Hey! *waving brightly*

Do you remember me??

Honestly, I had to check to see what I blogged last.

My crazy life is getting in the way of my blogging. 

And I don't appreciate it AT ALL!

What has happened since last Wednesday...hmmm???

Well, Dylan did NOT have strep throat.  He spent Thursday at home again, but was feeling well enough to go to school on Friday! YAY!  And now he's got the sneezies & running nose that is oh so common here in the allergy belt. :( All of the spring trees are so pretty...but not nice to allergy sufferers.

Friday night I BOUGHT PAINT for my bathroom - a whole gallon...not just a sample! :)  My plan was to tape off everything & paint on Saturday. However, Dylan had a semi-surprise visit from his dad.  His dad, step-mom, half brothers & half sister had all made the trek to come see Dylan's soccer game...which I found out was cancelled...as I showed up at the field for the game!  Oops!  The one problem I was having with my phone was not checking my mail often or at all (it was set to manual).  If I had checked my e-mail, I would've known.  Well, since they were already close, we decided to meet them for lunch and then we went to a park.  So...that actually took more of my day than I planned!

Then Saturday night we took pizza to my sister's house since my brother-in-law had knee surgery last Thursday.  We played Just Dance for Wii...and it only proved how uncoordinated I really am.  But watching Aly & Dylan play was too much fun...and Zach even got into the action...very carefully! :)

Sunday the time change hit me hard...so I spent a good bit of the afternoon on the couch before deciding to get my bathroom trim ready for paint...and since it was ready, I went ahead and painted the trim.  That alone has made such a difference!  It so clean & fresh!

So yesterday I had jury duty.  They do jury duty weird in my county...I had to show up, watch the video about my responsibilities as a juror and then they dismissed us until this morning.  I made the 45 minute drive to work...only to find that our computers were down and had been down all morning.  Finally, around 1:30ish the computers were back online...except for mine.  Because my network cable was bad...and had to be replaced.  Which meant pulling a new cord from the network hub to my office...it was more work for my boss than me...but this all meant that I didn't get on my computer until close to 3!!! 

Yeah...it was a Monday.

I'm headed back to jury duty this morning...I'm just praying that they don't like me!  The one time I definitely don't want to get picked for the team! :)

Hope you all have a great Tuesday...and hopefully I'll be back again before a week goes by! :)


Brandi said...

Well, you have been busy! Good luck not getting picked for the team! ;)

PBJdreamer said...

welcome back

I hate jury duty and always think of things to tell them that will keep me from being chosen, yet also not alert the police.

It's a fine line.


that is all

shortmama said...

Jury duty is so time consuming!

Ms.Wasteland said...

I had grand jury duty for a month and I really liked it. It was a set schedule. We only went in on Thursdays and we determined if there was enough evidence to go to trial. Very interesting.

PS You tweeted something to me about that Meg Cabot book, Insatiable. (I was off Twitter by the time I got it. Sorry.) Anyway, I finished it and it was pretty good.