Friday, March 4, 2011

Bits & Pieces, I didn't mean to go all week neglecting my blog.

It just sort of happened.

I intended to blog on Monday during my lunch...but I had to reconcile my check book...then I was too depressed to blog.

Then on Tuesday, the clouds parted, the sun shone down on me and I heard a choir of angels singing...because my Federal Tax Return was deposited! :) YAY for God's provision!!!

Of course, that meant I went out directly on Tuesday night and bought myself this..

Can I just say, I am in love with this phone?  It's so cool!  And I love not having to wait impatiently for Dylan to vacate the computer so that I can check e-mail/Facebook/Twitter. 

Although, I may be just a teeny, tiny bit addicted! ;)

Last weekend, I did make a monumental decision.  I FINALLY picked a color for my bathroom!  I know you are all relieved! :)  Actually, I took the blue shower curtain ring (the rings are different colors from the shower curtain itself) to Lowes and they color matched it...perfectly, I might add!  I'm so excited...I want to paint this weekend!  However, the reality of that is not looking good since I've not spackled & sanded anything yet and I still need to figure out why my crown molding is sagging.  I'm hoping it will just need a bit of caulk and I'll be good to go!  So, I'm looking at next weekend for painting.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  I've also decided to get rid of the disgusting mini blinds in there...I'm going to put some contact paper "frosting" on the window and hang a chocolate sheer or curtain.  I'm super excited to have the bathroom looking fresh!

BTW - the bathroom will only be the second of my windows to receive a window treatment other than blinds! :)  I need to replace all of the blinds in the house and buy curtains...but curtains can be I just put it off.  Maybe this is the year that all of that will happen.

So, week has been good, but busy.  One thing I had wanted to do was to reveal my "lie" from my Awards post that I did last week.  I plan to write that up this weekend & have it post on Monday! :)  Hopefully, I will be more attentive to my blog next week!

My favorite Friday event, though is Five Question Friday!  Mama M & her friends always come up with the best questions! :) So, without further we go!

1. Have you ever forgotten your child in a store or at school?

I can't say that I have.  I was always so paranoid about losing him that I had to have him in my sight at all times.  I didn't even like for him to "hide" in the clothing racks or walk to another aisle.  Even now, at 14 yrs old, I really would prefer he stay with me...but mostly that's because I have to wander all over the store to find him when I'm ready to go! :)

2. Where did you go on your very first date? (Like...first first, not first with your spouse or current significant other!)

I think I was in college when I went on my very first date...and it was so unmonumental that it's not even worth mentioning.  I think we went to Subway and then rented a movie.

I guess it should've been a sign as to how that relationship would go.

We live & learn...

3. What's your "silly" fear? (We're not talking water and heights.)

This may not actually be so "silly" but I've always been terrified that I will come home and someone will be hiding in my shower.  I don't know why I even think that.  Even when I lived at my parents, if I had to come home late in the evening, I would have to check the shower to make sure no one was in there.  I have no idea what I would've done if someone had been there...but I just needed to make sure.

4. Confrontation: do you cause it, deal with is as it comes, or run far far away?

Avoidance is my best friend.  I don't like confrontation...I avoid it at all costs.  When I have to call someone that I think may be confrontational, I pray that I will get voicemail...and that they will listen to the voicemail and NOT call me back.  If possible, I will hide behind an e-mail all day long.  I think one of the reasons I avoid it so readily is because I tend to not be able to think clearly and I get flustered.  Also, in my company, I have to make some of the "confrontational" phone calls (not so much anymore, but at one time it was a daily event), but I have no power within our company structure to make negotiations.  I was simply the deliverer of information...mostly negative information...and trust me, these people were all about killing the messenger. 

5. Wood floors or carpet?

I like both.  I love wood floors and if my house came with all wood floors, I would take advantage of that.  However, I do think I prefer bedrooms to be carpeted.  But I'm not swayed completely one way or the other.

Hope you all have a great weekend.  It looks like it will be a little gray here in NC over the weekend.  We've had some beautiful sunshiney days this week...and some wicked storms on Monday.  I guess we are due for a little gray weather.  Hopefully it will be a productive weekend for me of spackling and getting ready to paint...although the gray weather may cause a case of the "lazies".  We shall see! :)


JG said...

That isn't that weird dude. With the thingamajigger closed who knows who's hiding in the shower. I think the same crap all the time.

heidi said...

That shower thing freaks me out, too. What gets me, though, is walking up the stairs at night after turning out all the lights. I'm afraid someone has been hiding in my house all day just waiting for that moment to attack me on the stairs.

Your Mom said...

I see that there are others who share your fear of the shower ... I have to confess, you probably picked that up from your mom ... I would always check everything ... the shower, the closets, even your toy chest ... anything that I thought was big enough to hold someone. Sorry about that! Love you!

Rachel said...

I have to agree with the shower thing! In fact, I usually keep my shower curtain pulled open if I'm going to be leaving, just so I don't have to worry about it. I also check my upstairs loft and closets if I come home late at night. I watch too many crime shows!!

Hope you had a great weekend!


Josanne said...

Thanks for sharing your answers for the 5QF!
Have a nice weekend!

shortmama said...

I cant tell you how much I look forward to getting an iphone in the next few months!

Brandi said...

And there's 'your mom' *giggle* - that makes me smile. ;)

Congrats on the new phone! I don't even think I'd know how to use one of those! LOL.

Yep, the shower freaks me out too... but also the closet and under the bed!

Good luck with the bathroom. I can't wait to see the after pics!