Thursday, February 24, 2011

Awards & Such...

It's been quiet over here on my blog.  I've been a little busy this week...I blame this sweet girl:

This is my Mom & Dad's sweet new basset hound, Cookie! She's three and just about the sweetest thing.  She is so laid back and allows Ayden to love all over her!  They brought her home (along with her brother Gumbo) on of course we had to go visit.  Gumbo was a little too aggressive, considering Alyson & they decided to take him back.  I was a little sad, because they were so sweet together.  But I think, from what I'm reading/seeing, she is adjusting just fine.

About a week ago, I did a little blog spring cleaning...meaning I weeded through the blogs I'm following and deleted some that I wasn't reading and that I never remember reading me.  If you are a "lurker" and you read my blog...never comment...please let today be the day that you comment so that I can return the favor!

So, last Wednesday, my good blog friend Rachel gave me two awards...when do you think I remembered this honor?  Today...when another blog friend Katie posted on Twitter that she had left an award on her blog for me!

Do you want to hear a funny story about Katie?  Well, not really about Katie...but it's just proof positive that this is a small world after all.  Somehow (and I honestly can't remember how), Rachel & I connected here in the blog world.  We don't know each other IRL...but we've gotten to know each other in this virtual world.  Then, one day...she posted her 101 in 1001 and she credited her blog friend Katie.  So, I hop over to Katie's blog to check it out...and I realize that I KNOW KATIE!  Like in real life know Katie.  We used to go to church together when we were younger! So, we've been catching up on Twitter...and it just cracks me up to think that we reconnected through a girl in Texas when we probably live less than 30 minutes from each other! :)

So, anyway...back to my awards...Rachel awarded me these two awards...

The rules for these are to thank the blogger who awarded me; share 7 facts about me and pass the award on to other blogs.

Today, Katie gave me this blog award:

For this one, I'm supposed to list 5 of which is not true! will I handle this???  I will list 7 facts for Rachel's two awards, but in order to fulfill the requirement's from Katie's award, one of the facts will not be true!  Can you guess which one is not true?

1.  I sleep with a teddy bear named Joshua every night that my uncle gave me when we went to Iowa when I was four.

2.  I have never seen the Star Wars movies.  I tried to watch them with Dylan once...and fell asleep.

3.  When I was in high school, I worked at Action Video - a movie rental place.  It was my favorite job.  What could be better than getting paid to watch movies at work?

4.  I went to California when I was about 9.  It was my first "real" plane trip.  My first actual plane ride was between Greensboro & Winston-Salem...which are probably no more than 30 miles the plane ride was about 10 minutes! :)

5.  My only broken bone was a toe...which I broke last Christmas when we were putting up our Christmas tree.

6.  I was on the Safety Patrol in elementary school.

7.  I got written up my Senior year of high school for skipping a class...I was with my friend Jamie in the school office.  We still had to do after school detention.

Now...I'm supposed to pick some blogs to pass the award on to...but I hate doing that because I don't want to leave anyone out! :)  Definitely check out Rachel & Katie's blogs...and here are a few of my other favorites...

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Hope you are having a good Thursday...I know I'm posting this late...but it's when I had the time! :)

See you tomorrow for Friday!

Note: cannot play the should know which one is a lie.  Also, Ashley...if you happen to read this, you can't play either! ;)  You two know too much! HAHA


Your Mom said...

Well, I have to say, you almost got me ... details, details!

You were talking about how laid back Cookie is ... well, today, Dad ran the vacuum and Cookie laid on her bed, in the same room, asleep!

Jenn said...

HAHA! :)

Glad to see she's not rattled by might need to put some caffeine in that dog's water!!!

Brandi said...

Okay, first, I am DYING that your mom's comment says 'Your Mom said...' I'm not even sure why, but it made me laugh out loud!

Second, thanks for the shout out. ;)

Um, the lie? It's GOT to be that you fell asleep during Star Wars because WHO falls asleep during Star Wars???!!! And, if you really have never seen the movies, you are only the 3rd person in the world I know of that has not seen Star Wars (my SIL and BIL are the other two).

And the Katie thing? Small world! :)

Rachel said...

Well, after my Star Wars marathon last weekend, I already know that one is true! :) You need to try to watch them again. Hans Solo is hot!! ;)

I can't believe you would skip class, is that one false?? ;)

I'm happy I can bring old friends back together!! It is a small world!! :)

Have a great one girlie!