Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things "He" Should Know

Every new year brings the same hopes and dreams...hopes for a bigger bank account...hopes for losing weight...and the ultimate hope & dream of *most* single girls...that this will be the year that I can kiss this single life goodbye and meet "that guy"...the one that makes my heart pitter patter...Prince Charming...etc., etc., etc.

You get the picture.

And this got me to thinking about other people I know who have fulfilled that dream in their own lives and I wonder if there are things they wish they knew about the other person BEFORE they got married and lived somewhat happily ever after. 

For example, I wonder if my brother-in-law would've appreciated knowing about my sister's love of watching Nick at Night re-runs, including her all time fav Full House...and occasionally The Nanny.  It probably wouldn't have kept him from marrying her...but still it would be nice to know.

So, I've come up with a list of things that I think my potential hubby should know about me...things that are not "deal breakers" in love & marriage, but things that would be "nice to know".  I would even consider printing this list for all first dates that I may or may not have in 2011...ok, I'm not that brave...maybe a 2nd or 3rd date.  OK, I'll be honest...I *might* let him see this list when we've been married for a couple of years.

#1 - I'm left handed.  No - I don't consider this a disability or anything...but people (and I mean ALL people) need to understand that we left handers look at life just a bit differently.  For instance, in cutting a loaf of bread, I have been known to turn the entire loaf around trying to figure out how to go about cutting off a piece of the loaf.  Trust me...I have witnesses.  I also think this is one reason that I can't easily tell left from right.  Seriously.  It takes me a minute to figure out which side is left & which is right...and it's usually determined by me trying to find the "bump" on my left middle finger that is caused by writing with my left hand. 

#2 - Yes, I am a girl...but that does not render me stupid.  I CAN program a DVR and also am quite capable of setting up a TV & DVD player.  I also know how to use these devices quite well.  I also know how to check the oil in my car, replace my windshield wipers, replace the bulb in my headlights and/or tail lights and once upon a time I removed the door from my dryer and turned it around so it would work better in my laundry room/closet.  I also work for a construction company in which not one man seems to be capable of hauling large bags of trash to the dumpster or carrying heavy computers up stairs.  However, this "tough" persona that I attempt to maintain does not mean that I won't burst out in tears with no explanation.  Remember, I am a girl.

#3 - I do not watch cartoons because I have a kid...rather my kid watches classic cartoons such as Scooby Doo, The Jetsons, and The Flintstones because I have taught him the value of these great cartoons.  We also watch Spongebob quite often.  I may or may not even watch these when he's not at home. 

#4 - I have a great love of syndicated shows, such as The Cosby Show, Gilmore Girls, Laverne & Shirley, I Dream of Jeanie and the NC classic, Andy Griffith Show.  I will watch any of these shows at any given time.  I also recently found a channel that airs The Monkees.  I was beyond excited.

#5 - It would be very wise to NOT keep me from my morning coffee.  I'll refer you to Dylan on that one.

#6 - I also value and appreciate my sleep...especially on a Saturday morning.  Again, I'll let Dylan speak for my love of sleep...and what happens when you interrupt this sleep...no matter how good your intentions are in not waking me up.  It's not pretty.

#7 - Some people may say that I have a tendency to over-react or over-dramatize things.  I call this being "spirited".  I may or may not have thrown a brownie across a room once because a friend was being annoying.  He may or may not have deserved to have said brownie smashed in his face. 

#8 - I tend to act silly...I do silly things...I say silly things.  I like to make people laugh...sometimes I say something that isn't even supposed to be funny...and people laugh.  If I know someone is in a rotten mood - namely my son - I am not above putting on a pair of heart shaped sunglasses to pick up his mood.  I can prove it...I have pictures.

#9 - My family is top priority to me.  I love spending time with my son...some of our best times are when we are just hanging out around the house, laughing, cutting up, being silly. :)  I actually enjoy spending time with my parents...and so does Dylan.  I love visiting with my sister and brother-in-law.  And I love, love, love my niece and nephew.  Other than Dylan, they are two of the greatest blessings in my life.

#10 - While this list may say otherwise, I am not a complicated person.  I really love the simple things...I don't need much to make me happy.  I look at my life and the line from You've Got Mail describes my life to a "T" (in my opinion) - I lead a small life - well, valuable, but small.  I truly believe that there is value in the small & simple things that make up my life.

These are things that I think are important for "him" to know.  There are probably others I could list, but I would say these rank in the top 10 of things that people, especially "that guy", should know about me.  Wish me luck! :)


PBJdreamer said...


You are adorable and I am sure there is someone out there that will think that too...

I can relate to a lot of this....


that is all

Rachel said...

Great list!! I might steal this idea! ;) Here is to both of us finding our "Prince Charmings" this year!!


Brandi. said...

My family has learned that Mommy needs coffee or she is a monster! LOL! And yes, I have often caught myself watching PBS many mornings while the kids are way at a sleep over... It takes me awhile to realize it, too. :)