Thursday, February 17, 2011

A few of my favorite edition

A couple of weeks ago, when I was sick...I basically laid in bed or on the couch and watched TV.

And sometimes all night long...

At some point during my illness, I was flipping through the channels, only to find one of my all time favorite movies on...

I love this movie.  I have seen it a bazillion times.  And although while I was sick, I didn't quite enjoy it to it's fullest (to be quite honest, I probably slept through a good bit of it), it was so nice & comforting to find a personal "classic" on to watch while I was ailing.

And it got me to thinking that there are certain movies that I will ALWAYS watch if I find them, I thought I would share those with you.

I know you are overjoyed! :)

#1 - Ferris Bueller's Day Off - I know I already mentioned above my love for this movie, but I selected a good round 10 I can't leave it off the list.  I love everything about this movie...I love that Ferris' illness is blown so far out of proportion that people are collecting money, sending flowers, printing messages on the local water tower, running newspaper get the idea.  And just the coolness of the whole day...spending the day in Chicago...seeing the sites...being the lead person in a parade...driving a super hawt car...going to a baseball game and catching the pop fly ball.  It's a charmed life that Ferris Bueller leads.  And just when you think the "jig is up", his sworn enemy - his own sister (Jennifer Grey pre-Dirty Dancing) saves him from being kept back in high school an additional year by everyone's enemy...the school principal.  This movie is just CLASSIC!

#2 - Sixteen Candles

Another John Hughes classic.  Really, what girl didn't feel like Sam in high school...the middle of the road girl - not popular...not a true "nerd" love with the most popular guy in high school who didn't even know she existed...

only in this movie Samantha Baker ended up with Jake Ryan...

Jake Ryan



#3 - When Harry Met Sally

A great Meg Ryan flick about the "rules" of love & dating...and how two old friends end up falling in love. 

#4 - You've Got Mail

I always appreciated the Meg Ryan / Tom Hanks combo.  I loved Sleepless in Seattle, but I wanted to see MORE of Meg & Tom's characters together.  I guess that wasn't the story line, though.  This is just a fun, feel good movie...and it cracks me up that the movie's not that old...but the dial up, AOL connection, chat room references are already so outdated.

#5 - Wizard of Oz

Well, really...what needs to be said about this one?  A true movie classic. 

I remember when this (& my next movie) would come on once a year...seems like they always aired it on a Sunday night...and it was one of those select times that my mom would allow me to stay up past my bed time to watch this movie in its entirety.  I actually own this on DVD (bought it at a yardsale for $1!!!), but I've never watched it from the DVD.  It's just better seeing in on TV.  I can't explain this!

#6 - The Sound of Music

Another classic...this year, in honor of the 45th Anniversary, they showed this movie in Sing-A-Long format at a local was great because they actually put the words to the songs on the screen!  Awesomeness.  My BFF & I went and sang along with about 12 other people in the theater.

Isn't it sad that there were so few people there???

#7 - Clueless

I just love this movie...I don't have to justify it to you people! :)

#8 - Chasing Liberty

I'm not really sure what the appeal is for me in this movie...I just think it's cute and fun.

#9 - The Holiday

This is one of my newer favorite movies.  I don't remember this being released...I'm sure it was.  I just don't see too many trailers.  But my parents bought the DVD, watched it and told me how much they liked it.  I wasn't sure...the only movie I'd seen with Kate Winslet was, I wasn't sure.  Not that her being in Titanic was a strike against the movie...or that Titanic was a bad movie.  Anyway, I borrowed this and it has become one of my favorite movies.  I just watched it (read: slept through it) on Sunday night.

And I didn't sleep through it because it's boring...I was really tired Sunday night...

#10 - 27 Dresses

This is also a "newer" favorite.  Loved all the hideously funny. 

So, those are a few of my all time favorite movies...hope you enjoyed this little bit of insight into my movie watching habits! :)


Mom said...

Have you seen "Letters to Juliet" yet? I think you will add it to your favorites list! ~Mom

Jenn said...

I'm not 100% sure if this is MY mom...or just a random "Mom"...either way, yes I've seen "Letters to Juliet" and loved that movie! But it doesn't come on TV just yet. When it does, though...I'll be watching.

And if this is MY mom...we are working on creating you a Google identity THIS WEEKEND! :)

PBJdreamer said...

Great Choices!

It is comforting when you are sick to have favorite anything around...isn't it?

I might make a top ten fav movie list and steal this idea from you--is that ok?

that is all

Your Mom! said...

Well, I guess if it is your mom, she must be the most amazing mom in the whole world! Ha! Ha! Yes, it is your Mom! And I would love for you to help me do this ...

Rachel said...

I am going out and buying 16 Candles this weekend. I love that movie. Jake Ryan **sigh**.

I'm not a chick flick person, but I loved Letters To Juliet! I need to buy that one too. The guy in it is so hot!


Salt said...

Clueless is one of my favorite movies EVER EVER EVER. I can pretty much quote it at this point. I remember my dad took me to see it when I was younger and I had the sound track and everything.

And Ferris is a CLASSIC as is 16 Candles. LOVE the original Brat Pack movies!

Jen said...

Haha, the mom comments cracked me up! :) Too cute.

Oh, the Meg Ryan movies are the best. I am simply dying to see You've Got Mail again.

Ms.Wasteland said...

I haven't seen The Holiday or Chasing Liberty but the rest are all favs. of mine, too.