Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday, Monday...

You know what's the worst part of a weekend "Spring Tease" in January?  We somehow forget that this is a temporary thing that is sure to go away as quickly as it came.  This weekend was absolutely beautiful. Saturday was bright, sunny and the warmest day of January (until Sunday came along)...55ish.  Sunday was even more beautiful with a high of 58.  On the up side, it was a great day for having outdoor pix made! :)  On the down side, it did not prepare us for Monday...which dawned gray and much cooler...with a predicted high of 40. 

I did not do my "week in review" which I've decided to abandon.  Mostly because I realized why I couldn't remember what I did in 2010...I do nothing.  Ok, not nothing...but not so much that it's worthy of writing a weekly blog post.  Anyway, if I do something that's fun or exciting, there's a good chance that I'm going to commit it to the blog anyway.  So, I don't think I want to repeat myself every Saturday.  So, for now...unless I just have a week of non-blogging that I need to recap for you (or myself as the case may be)...I will not be doing a week in review.

I know you are sad.

Also, if you read my Friday post...I teased that I *might* write a funny post for today...that didn't happen over the weekend either.  So, maybe tonight or tomorrow I'll get around to that.  I just hope you find it as funny as it sounds in my head! :)

And if you are wondering, which I know you have to be, I took notes on this I didn't try to commit the entire post to memory before putting it down on paper...errr computer screen.

My Monday is not too terrible so far...the sunny, Spring like weekend helped to boost my spirits for the week ahead.  Which I desperately needed...

And in 11 days, I'll be leaving to chaperone our Youth trip to DC!  THAT is something I'm excited about and looking forward to.

So, happy Monday so far...hope your's isn't too terribly horrible either.


Shell said...

the weather was gorgeous this weekend! Now, I want to hide under blankets, drinking hot chocolate.

Rachel said...

After having a Chick Fil A milkshake at lunch, my day improved a lot!

I can't wait to see pictures from your trip to DC!! I want to go so bad!

Happy Monday friend!