Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Doldrums

I swear...I had no idea I hated January as much as I do until I needed something to write about.  And I began to think back and realized just how much every January just seems to drag by.  Don't get me wrong...my sis' bday & my nieces bday both occur in this month...but I think my sister would most likely agree that this is one of the worst months - for sanity, for emotion, and yes, even birthdays.  Many a birthday would find NC covered in ice (no snow back then...you know global warming and all)...which would inevitably either cancel a birthday celebration but in some cases, it would extend a birthday celebration...since the birthday sleep over attendees could not get home!

Whatever the case may be, I am ready for January to be over.

It's cold.

It's gray.

Our weather forecasters forecast snow...and then change their minds and say it's gonna rain.

I have no money.

I have no where to go (not in the depressing "I'm at the end of my rope kind of way", but in the literal sense).

I get cold at night and go to bed hoping my feet will eventually warm up.

oh, my...I'm depressing!

But, unless it's going to snow, I'm done with winter.  I'm ready for warm sunshine-y days...flip flops...windows down...music loud kind of days.  I'm ready for the winter doldrums to be behind me.

Again, if it choses to snow, all bets are off and the winter doldrums will be forgotten.

There's no reason for cold, gray days unless it snows.

At least in my little world.


Rachel said...

I'm sorry you have the winter blues. Y'all have had more cold weather than us and I'm ready for spring!! Here's hoping that you get snow (or warmer temperatures!) :)


Shell said...

I'm ready for March. March and the cold will be over here.

Snuggle Wasteland said...

I hear ya. I HATE January and February. I've been so down this month that I'm actually considering going to the tanning bed just for the light therapy. And I don't tan.

shortmama said...

Im ready for an actual winter here! We have had very little cold weather and we need it...and rain!

JG said...

I can solve the money issue....W-2's are coming!

Jen said...

I think God ordered up today just for you then - blue skies and sunshine! I hope you had a great day - January's almost over! :)

PBJdreamer said...

I would NEVER EVER live where I do if it wasn't for my family being here--

cold ice snow freezing rain
black ice

I hate all of it too.

We may only have 4 or 5 weeks left--

ok that last statement doesn't even cheer me up.

Next January? I am saving up now so I can look forward to going on a little vacay somewhere warm.

Until then---pout

that is all

Salt said...

I think this is one of the reasons I've been so absent this winter. Cold, gray weather definitely gets me down and it's so hard to get motivated! I don't think I will ever be so excited to see spring time once it finally gets here!