Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eleven in '11

Well, after a very whiney post on New Year's Eve, things quickly turned around.  As the day went on I realized that my pink eye was not nearly as bad as the case I had a couple of weeks ago.  So, I decided to proceed with my day as originally planned!  We got the Christmas decorations put away, I went to play with the niece & nephew and brought in the new year with good friends and a lot of laughter! :)  The only thing I didn't get done was my 2010 recap...which I've decided to forego.  I will tell you that my favorite 2010 memory was our family beach trip to Kure Beach.  The very close second is my September beach trip to Fort Caswell.  Do you see a trend??? ;)

Anyway, I've decided in 2011 to be a little more goal oriented.  I guess that's a resolution...but I'm not calling it that!  But I'm not too terribly ambitious with this task...which may be good for a potential success! So, I decided to come up with "Eleven in '11".  These are eleven things that I would like to accomplish in 2011.

1.  Paint my bathroom - I've been wanting to do this since shortly after I moved.  I have yet to decide on a color, but I would like to commit to doing this this year.

2.  Have professional pics made of me & Dylan - When I was generating this list in my head, this was on the list.  However, I've already taken strides to have this completed!  My sister introduced me via Facebook to a photographer friend of hers.  I fell in love with her pictures and in January she was offering FREE sessions.  How can I pass that up?  So, we are having pics done NEXT SATURDAY!  I'm beyond excited!

3.  Watch Casablanca, The Godfather & Cool Hand Luke - I have been intending to watch all three of three movies for a while...and actually have The Godfather & Cool Hand Luke on my DVR.  So, I'm well on my way!

4.  Take a trip with Dylan, somewhere - I'm hoping to repeat my September Caswell trip with my BFF's as we did last year...but I would like to take him somewhere...just us.  I've already been thinking on one trip in my mind...just don't know if I'll have the $$ to do it this year! :)

5.  Go to Boone - I didn't make it to Boone AT ALL in 2010...despite being very homesick at one point.  So I WILL make a trip to Boone...once it warms up, because Boone is in the mountains. :)

6.  Begin a running/exercise program - I started Couch 2 5K this fall, but my greatest fears were not having  time and the fact that it would soon be getting dark earlier - and our local park would be closing earlier.  And that's exactly what happened.  So, I'm hoping to get something started - something I will stick with.

7.  Make better eating choices - I know that I need to make better choices with my eating.  I can't continue eating like I do now and expect to remain healthy.

8.  Read my Bible at least Monday-Friday - This is one of those things that I do for a while, then fall off.  I allow a lot of things to get in the way of spending time reading my Bible.  I want to spend less time on the computer and watching TV and invest more time in reading my Bible.

9.  Along with reading my Bible, I want to have a quiet time DAILY - Another thing that I have a hard time keeping up with - especially on Saturday's & Sunday's. 

10.  Be more diligent in watching my finances - I hate paying bills and doing my checkbook.  So I tend to put it off.  I usually have a good idea of what's available...but by keeping up with this better, I think this will help me to be better at spending my money and planning ahead.

11.  Spend less time on Facebook, Blogger & Twitter while at work - I have a tendency to just "jump on" real quick anytime I need to do something on the internet that IS work related...and then I forget what I was doing for work.  It has become a bad habit and I want to be a more focused employee!

I'm thankful this year for a new beginning and am actually looking forward to 2011 and what it has to bring for me, my friends & my family! :)

Happy New Year!


Rachel said...

I think you and Dylan should take a trip to Texas this summer- see a Rangers game!! ;)

I'm totally with you on reading the Bible and having a quiet time! We should be accountability partners!!


shortmama said...

Watching some older movies is on my list for the year too!