Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week In Review

Well, it's been another week...and it's time for me to review what I did for the week so I can know what happened in 2011! :)

Last Saturday ended up being more productive than I planned.  Dylan went over to my parents' house to help remove fixtures from a bathroom in their old bedroom....which is now the living room!  I know it sounds strange, but about 15 years ago they added a room to the house so that my great-aunt could live with them.  So, it was basically a large bedroom with a bathroom and walk in closet.  A few years later, she had to go to a nursing home...and she has since passed away.  With Dylan & I still living with them, they moved into my great-aunt's old room and I took over their old "master" bedroom.  The only thing "master" about this room is that it had a half bath attached.  After we moved out, they've been working here and there to turn my old room into a "girl" room (for Aly) and Dylan's old room was going to be the boy room.  Last year, Mom & Dad decided to move their bedroom into my sister's old bedroom and open my great-aunt's room into a family room.  Until Dad retired, though, they didn't really have much time to work on it.  And now they do. 

If you kept up with all that, congrats.  And to confuse things more, they are now going to move their room into the "boy" room and turn their current bedroom into the "boy" room.

Oh yeah, and their old living room is now the dining room...better used, though, as Mom's craft room...since they never eat in there anyway.

I'm tired...

Wait...I'm not even close to finishing my week in review!

Anyconfusinghouseplan, Dylan went over to their house to help, I took the time to catch up on my TV shows.  Then, I debated on doing housework since I had a feeling Monday and/or Tuesday would turn into a snow day...and I decided to work on Saturday so I could be lazy on the snow day.  I finished off the day by having spaghetti at Mom & Dad's.  I love spaghetti...but I think I overdid it when Dylan & I first he doesn't want to eat it ever. 

Sunday was church...Dylan's friend Seth came for lunch and then they went over to my parents to do some little odd jobs for the afternoon.  I had a little "veg" time and then went over since my sis & her family were over at Mom & Dad's.  I needed to see the niece & nephew!

Monday was crazy...#1 - I was working with the hope/thought that I might have to leave early and be out on Tuesday due to predicted snow.  #2 - My boss had jury duty.  I honestly think it was more stressful having him sitting in jury duty with nothing to do but e-mail me via his Blackberry.  At one point I told him to stop e-mailing me so I could get the stuff done that he asked me to do via e-mail.  Sheesh!  #3 - I spent the whole day waiting & watching for snow.  By the time I got to work, only 15-20 minutes south of where I live was getting snow...and a bunch.  At my office, we were getting NOTHING.  Later in the morning it started snowing...but then it stopped.  This off & on snow kept up until about 3pm when the snow actually set in.

I live in a very large county, geographically speaking.  Population-wise, not so much.  But since the county runs long North-South...and this storm was coming from the south...the southern part of our county was getting hammered by sunrise...which meant that Dylan didn't have school.  A friend of mine who lives about an hour south of us got 6-7 inches of snow.  We got maybe an inch...with a 1/4 of an inch of ice on top. 

Ice messes EVERYTHING up.

Tuesday morning, I determined very quickly that I would not be going in.  All I heard on the news was ice, ice, ice.  So, I called in and lazed the day away.  It was great.

Wednesday morning I decided to wait a bit before going in...mostly to allow the sun to get up and melt away some of the ice and allow all the stupid people to get out of my way before I headed to work.  Of course, since I had been out on Tuesday, work was crazy trying to get caught up.  We had missed "bill paying" day on Monday due to the fact that my boss was on jury duty...and we couldn't make it up on Tuesday since neither of us made it in.  Plus all the other crazy-ness that results from missing a day of work.  No church that night due to the ice that was remaining, since the temps were barely getting above freezing.  In the shade, there was no hope for melting ice/snow.

Thursday was a fairly normal day...except that the stapler on my main copier broke and I was having trouble doing color prints.  So, I didn't leave work until 6pm.

Friday was Friday.  Thank goodness!  Several of the guys in my office had a meeting out of town, so from 10:30 on, I was basically by myself for the rest of the day.  I got so much done. :)

Unfortunately, due to the snow/ice and the cold temps, Dylan missed school all week.  This was supposed to have been their exam week and then they were supposed to get Monday-Wednesday off next week.  Monday is a holiday and Tuesday/Wednesday were to be teacher workdays to process exams.  Well, since students haven't taken exams, this won't work.  So, our school system has re-arranged the schedule for the next two weeks.  Dylan is still out on Monday for the holiday, but has school Tuesday & Wednesday (he doesn't have to go Wednesday because he's exempt from his exam).  Then he goes to school on the following Monday and then will be out for two days for teacher workdays to process exams. 

Also, it appears that this storm has taken their entire spring break...and extended the school year to June 10th...which by law is the last day students are supposed to go to school.  However, using all of these days doesn't help make up these 5 I'm not sure what's going to happen in order for them to make up the days.  We shall see.  Hopefully he'll be out of school by July.
Today I got up early to go & get my tires rotated....spent a little early morning shopping at Target...and spent the afternoon at Aly's birthday party.

All in all, a good week.  Nothing huge or earth shattering in this week...but that's OK by me!

Not sure what this week holds, yet...we shall see!

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