Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to my sis! :)

Just a quick post to say Happy Birthday to my sister, Missy! :) 

This is an old pic...actually from the summer she was pregnant with Ayden...but it was one I could find quickly of us! :)
 I won't tell you that we've been best friends since her birth in 1980...or that we got along so well in our teenage years...or that I've always understood her as we moved through our 20's.  I mean, we were sisters for goodness sake!  But at this point in our lives, I think we can finally consider each other friends...Missy definitly makes our family life interesting.  These are things you can always expect from my sister:

 - She has a severe shoe addiction, in spite of the fact that shortly after she was married her husband cut her off from buying shoes.  She still appreciates shoes, and owns several pair, but I believe the addicition has now moved to purses & handbags.

 - Zebra prints make her happy.

 - Missy wears a sweater to work, every day.  Even when it's 95* and a 1000% humidity.  She's the most cold natured person I know...well, except for my co-worker who not only wears a sweater everyday, but also runs her space heater every day.  But this post isn't about her! ;)

 - Her daughter is a recreation of her.  Completely.

 - She was fortunate to marry a man who actually enjoys cleaning & cooking.  She does her fair share of cooking, as well...but I like to remind her often that she has a "househusband".  He also cleans her car...I'm completely jealous.

 - Her son is adorable.  And mischievious.  And makes me laugh constantly.

 - She also loves all things Target.

Happy 31st Bday Missy!

Even though, most likely, she will never read this! :)


Rachel said...

This is so sweet! Happy birthday to her! :)

Does her husband have a single brother? Or a single guy friend who also likes to clean and cook?? That is awesome!


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that alot of people think you look like twins!

Anonymous said...

the above comment is by your mom, in case you didn't figure that out!

shortmama said...

I think your sister and I are twins separated at birth because so much of what you said about her is like me! Except the househusband part!