Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week In Review

Today, I'm in such a lazy mood...I don't really wanna do this, but I'm gonna make myself.

And if you knew how many typos I've already corrected, you'd probably tell me to give up!

Anyway, this is my week in review...yeah, I was supposed to do this yesterday...give me a break!

Last Saturday was Aly's bday party...just like a 7 yr old's bday party.  This was the first party where she had school friends over...I could've stayed home! :)  She was all about being with her friends that I'm not sure she really knew who else was there!  But, of course I loved being there and visiting and playing with Ayden! :)

Sunday was church church day.  This is my month in Children's Worship...although we spent a good bit of time in the regular worship service for music and a baptism.  But, it was still a good morning!  Then Dylan spent the afternoon with Seth...and then later that day, he went back to the church...for Nerf wars.  Our Worship Pastor (who lives next door to the church) has started an "unofficial" weekly "Nerf war" event for his son (who's 9 or 10), Dylan & Seth, Zac, and a couple of guys who attend our church from the Rescue Mission.  And when I say, "war", I mean they are all dressed in black, in the dark and skulking around trying to sneak up on each other.  While they were attacking each other with Nerf darts, my eyes began to get irritated.  By 9:30, my eyes had a nice gunky film on them...which impaired my vision...which of course, I didn't realize until I left to go pick up Dylan.  Thank goodness, I didn't have to go to far and I know the way pretty well...because things were a bit fuzzy!

Monday was a "blue" day...I wrote about it earlier this week.  It kind of set the stage for the whole week.  And the week just dragged on and on and on.  Work was it often is in January/February.  We didn't have much going on in the evenings...and we finally got to the weekend!

Friday night I went to a Mary Kay party with Ashley...Saturday I kept Ayden while Missy & Zach took Alyson to cheer at a basketball game.  Then I took Dylan to my parents to help with the living room project.  I cleaned the house - dust, clean bathrooms, vacuum, mop.  My house is sparkling today!  The rest of the day was just kind of lazing around until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore!

Today was church again...another great morning in Children's Worship...and now I'm tucked in under my heated throw blanket watching You've Got Mail.  I watched it last night before I went to sleep...and have realized that I slept through a good bit of the movie last night! :)  I'm seeing parts that I didn't see last night! 

We are due for another snow this week...possibly...we shall see.  It's always a crap shoot here in NC.  Trust me, I remember many 100% snow chances where we got nothing.  But, they are saying this is shaping up to be similar to the Christmas snow...but more moisture in the atmosphere than our last snow/ice event.  Somehow, though, we missed a snow storm yesterday that actually hit our beaches!  Yes...on the coast of NC, they were treated to 3-6 inches of snow...which is so strange!  I'm sure the kids that live in that area are loving it because I don't know that they get much snow ever!

I'm hoping this week will be a little more "uplifting" and not so blue!  Next Sunday, we go to get pix made...I'm so excited!  My sister & her family went yesterday...and I've already seen two of the pix...AMAZING!  Can't wait to share them with y'all!

Have a good week!


shortmama said...

7 was the magic number for my oldest to when she started having "friend" parties and gave up "family" parties! Only a month and a half before we do her 9th bday party..eeek!

Rachel said...

So, did you buy anything at the Mary Kay party?? :)

I hope this week is MUCH BETTER for you!!

Have a great day!


Jen said...

I can't believe I missed You've Got Mail on TV! It's my favorite movie ever.

Do you think we'll still get snowy weather? I wouldn't mind a little more snow. :)

Hope all's been well with you, Jenn!