Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week in Review of the things I wanted to do in 2011 (and also was conviently left off of my Eleven in '11 list) was do a week in review every Saturday.  This, my lovely readers, is not necessarily for you...nope, it's for me!  I can't keep up with what I did in, I'm going to fix that.  This will most likely be bo-ring for you guys...but at least I'll have some kind of record of what I did in 2011! :)

Monday was my sis' we celebrated with Olive Garden take out.  I gave her Just Dance 2...and I can't wait to try it out with her...of course, when her hubby's not there! :)  He tends to make fun of me...but it's all in good fun.

The rest of the week just kind of crept was was slow.  I think after December, you need for January to be slow so you can catch up.

Today we were supposed to have pix done...but our photographer was sick. So, we have to reschedule.  Which means that I now have longer to stress over what to wear! :) 

This week has been good...kind of nice to get back into a normal swing of things.  Dylan went back to school and is in those last few weeks of his 1st high school semester.  His school does "block" periods - meaning he only has four classes each semester...when the next semester begins he will have four new classes.  It's kind of nice and geared more like college.  Next week, unless we get more snow, he will have exams.

Speaking of snow...Yep!  It's in the forecast again!  This storm is taking the same track as our Christmas snow, we are probably in for another round of beautiful snow.  At least I hope so.  If we are going to have any winter weather, I'd prefer snow over ice.  We shall see.  Of course, we were supposed to get snow yesterday...and got nothing!  Which is typical in NC! :)

Oh, yeah...Mom caught Ayden on video saying "kitty cat"...which would be his first words other than "dadadadada" and "mamamamama".  We are all excited!

Next week is Aly's 7th bday...and we are due to party on Saturday!  Looking forward to celebrating this special day with my favorite niece.

Well, it's back to my lazy Saturday...I may or may not do a little cleaning/laundry...but I haven't decided whether to do it today or put it off until Monday or Tuesday, hoping for snow.  Decisions, decisions!

And, guess what?  I have a post that I'm rolling around in my head that I actually took notes onSo, I won't forget what I was going to write! :)  Stay tuned!

Happy Weekend!


Brandi said...

Lazy weekend here too. Sometimes those are just the best. Minus the possibility of snow, of course. I have some friends in AL that are all in a tizzy because they are forecasting 4-8 inches (which is nuts)!

Continue to have a lazy weekend... and stay warm!

shortmama said...

January definitely needs to be a catch up month. I am so sleepy and trying to recover!

Rachel said...

Um...Olive Garden. I love their bread sticks!!

My high school started block scheduling the year after I left. I think a lot of schools are doing it now.

Hope you get some good snow (and maybe a snow day to go with it!) ;)


Ross said...

Glad I found your site. I found it through FTLOB. We share a common bond after reading your post. It's my daughters 7th birthday next Sat as well! You have a great site and I'll be back to read more.