Friday, January 21, 2011

It's late

I missed my "prime-going-to-sleep-time" now it's after 12:30 and I'm still awake.

:( get to see my late night rambling.

Lucky you.


Today, I sent my BFF Ash an e-mail...part of her response said "I can always tell when you're in a 'venting' kinda mood because you begin to number things."

This was probably more noticeable because I've been in a "venting kinda mood" a lot here lately...and I realized she's right.  When I vent, I make lists.  I have no idea why.

Although, I like to make lists a lot...

Sometimes the list contains important something that's troubling me or the fact that I'm in a snarky mood or that I'm feeling quite shallow...

And then sometimes the list contains things like "I bought 27 Dresses after Christmas and we need to watch it some time" because that's one of our fav movies...

Or the list contains this very important nugget: "I wish that Jersey Shore came on earlier and not on a Thursday so that we could get together and watch it."

Yes...I'm a Shore watcher.

Don't judge.

Hopefully sleep's going to come soon...I hate lying awake with nothing to do but think and worry and over analyze my entire life...because it just leads to more not sleeping.


BTW - are any of my blog friends watchers of the now obviously cancelled show Life Unexpected? 'Cause I watched the "season" finale aka the series finale...and was very confused.  I read somewhere that the CW caused the writer to change the direction of Season 2.  Hmmm...maybe the networks don't always know what's think?

And I'm only half way through Tuesday's Parenthood...I'm loving this show but it always makes me cry...

My other current favorite show is Hawaii 5-0.  Love it.  It's the bomb-diggity.  One weekend Dylan & I came across the original series...not even close to the current show.

And we want the table that they's like a big can type on the tabletop and then swoop it up on a TV/monitor on the wall...

I have to have one of these...too cool...

Of course, I don't plan to use it to look up criminals and gang leaders and review medical examiner pix of dead people.

But, I still think I could make pretty good use of this table.

These are my late night thoughts when I'm trying not to dwell on everything and waiting to be tired enough to fall asleep.

I'm going to play Mahjong tiles or solitaire or something until I fall asleep...


JG said...

Jersey Shore is the greatest thing ever. We stopped LE earlier in the season when it was reported it was going to be canned.

So what's up? What's bothering ya?

PBJdreamer said...

wow, I never watched any of those shows. Note to self: maybe try to watch one of those shows...

I make lists when I am angry too!

Sarcastic ones like my Facebook Post today.

I once wrote a TOP TEN great things about having a hysterectomy.

It is fun to start at ten and work your way up to one.

Or maybe that is just me. Channeling David Letterman

that is all