Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow days and stuff

Well, our snow event wasn't as spectacular as the Christmas snow...but the ice that came afterwards has wreaked havock on our lives here in NC.  To the South & East of where I live, they got more snow.  The word on the snow in Winston-Salem is that there was a VERY dry part of the it was snowing, but not reaching the ground.  We ended up with about an inch of snow...with a nice ice coating over it.

So, I stayed home from work yesterday...and did absolutely nothing.  It was great.  I got up early to call in to work...well, I actually "texted in" that I would most likely not be there.  Then I went back to bed and slept for a bit.  Then I got up and worked a jigsaw puzzle...watched TV...played Wii...and that's about the extent of my day.  I was very one with my couch...and the amazing heated throw I bought myself after Christmas! :)

There's something about a snow day that just puts me in a complete vegetative state.  Outside of checking Facebook, Twitter and e-mail, I really didn't have the "brain strength" to read blogs or post blogs.  You would think that with nothing to do I'd get all caught up...but seriously, I just couldn't.

So, if I missed your fabulous blog posts, I'm truly sorry.  I'm trying to catch up, we shall see.

I went back to work today...which was crazy since my boss had jury duty and we both were out yesterday.  Plus my co-worker is sick...with the flu.  I hope she stays home and keeps her germs away!

Tomorrow is another snow day for Dylan...he hasn't been to school all week...but he will pay!  Especially next week when he goes back for exams!  Now if this ice will just melt so he can go back to school at least on Friday!  We shall see...

OK - so this was mostly about snow days...and not so much about stuff...oh, well.  I'm not changing the title! :)

Happy Wednesday!

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shortmama said...

Today I had to put on a tank top to sit outside while my girls played on the trampoline lol. In the 70s here for a few days...crazy!