Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yes...that about sums up what I have to say today.


I've gone back & forth about what to post.

I thought about joining PB&J Dreamer for Gratituesday...

BTW - do you read PB&J Dreamer?  She's super awesome!  Pretty much always good for a laugh!

Then, I thought about just being random...but that only got me so far.

So, I'm back to hmmm...

My weekend was super busy...as predicted.  Saturday morning Dylan, my sister and another friend, Jamie, all ran in a 5K.  It was cold.  As in, my sister's legs were bright RED when she finished.  But they all did well.  Jamie is a runner and finished his 5K in 21:02.  Dylan finished in 27:02 and my sister finished around the 37 minute mark.  So, they all did well!

After lunch, we headed to Dylan's soccer game.  I believe it was colder at the game than it had been earlier at the 5K.  I froze to death.  I had put on a long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, toboggan, gloves and was wrapped up in a heavy fleece blanket and my teeth were still chattering!  They tied the game - it was pretty good.  Of course, the players didn't notice the cold.

When we got home, I took the longest, hottest shower ever...then we headed to Seth's birthday party...which was a blast!

Sunday, thank goodness, Dylan's soccer game was rained out and I took Alyson to see Tangled. Such a good movie...she loved it!

I did get Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella finished!  So, the library is officially off my back until next week when they start bugging me about the other books that are now past due.


Monday was a strange day all around.  I overslept because I forgot to re-set my alarm on Sunday night.  When I woke up (45 minutes late), I realized it was sleeting.  So, I had to take Dylan to the bus stop.  By the time I left for work it was full on snowing.  Yes, folks...this is what happens in NC.  Last Tuesday, it was 84.  I wore flip flops or sandals to work all week.  Yesterday we had freezing rain, sleet & snow.  Fortunately, the ground was way to warm (thanks to the warm temps of the prior week) for us to have any accumulation.

Today is sunny...still a little chilly...but it's our nice break, since tomorrow and Thursday are to be cold & rainy.


Hope your Tuesday is warmer than mine...and if so, please share with NC!  We are done with snow & cold weather! :)


PBJdreamer said...

I liked your post but

I WOULD really like some joiners on the Gratituesday!!!

Thanks for the shout out, but I am not always funny.


that is all

Jeanette said...

nice. cold and rainy here, as always. I would gladly take some snow, if just for something different. :)
well, maybe not.

Jen said...

I have been known to have a library fine or two in my day, too! :)

Though my library charges $0.50 per day (I think), so I can't let mine get too overdue, haha.