Saturday, May 29, 2010

Three Day to a rousing start...

I believe one of the items on my Three Day Weekend list of things to do included sleeping in on Saturday and Monday...and already, I'm not doing that!  Yes folks...I woke up EARLIER than I normally drag myself out of my bed!  I am not liking this idea AT ALL.  So, here I am, up at 7:45am drinking my coffee and watching Gilmore Girls...because, yeah...nothing comes on Saturday mornings.  No good cartoons/TV shows like when I was little.  But, on the bright side, I might be able to get all of my to-do list done in one day!  WOOHOO.  Ok - except the bathing suit because unfortunately I reconciled my checking account yesterday and I just don't think there's enough there for a suit this week.  Aww...too bad...I'll have to put that off yet another week.  So sad...HAHA!

Anyway, we had really bad storms last night.  I was sitting here watching TV and all of the sudden it lightened really bad...and something popped in my house.  I have no idea what it was.  I ran around, checking lights, checking my microwave, stove, etc.  My TV was still working...all of my lights were still on...not sure what it was.  However, I spent the next couple of hours sniffing around my house...hoping to not smell something electrical or smokey.  It doesn't help that I have a very good friend who's house burned down just last weekend due to guessed it...lightening strike!  And she just got the final report yesterday...95% sure that it was a lightening strike.  I wondered if I needed to go out and make sure that my roof wasn't on fire...but that didn't seem like a good idea know, since it was still storming.  But, all is well.

Off to complete my three day weekend to-do list...did I mention it's very quiet in my house????

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