Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A New Year

Quite honestly, I dread the coming of the new year.  I don't know why...it doesn't really mean anything.  I guess because it's the end of one time period...another time period in which I tend to very negatively reflect upon and realize that things are very much the same in my life.  I guess I should celebrate good health and the blessings.  But, usually at the end of the year I seem to reflect on the things that didn't happen...maybe I'm the only one.

And, what's even worse, is that I look back on the year behind me and think...what did I do this year?  My friend Amanda over at Family of Shorts has been doing a "Year in Review".  She goes month by month reviewing the major events in their family's life.  But, I can honestly not remember ANYTHING! 

On another blog that I frequent, The Daily Dribbles, Kmama does a "week in review", just telling what happened that week in their family.  And I do believe, because my memory just doesn't want to cooperate, that I may do the same.  This way, I can go back...look at each week...and KNOW what happened that week!

I am also going to work on setting some goals - not resolutions - goals.  Things that I'd like to accomplish or do in the coming year.  I may do this via an idea I saw on my friend Rachel's blog called 101 in 1001.  Basically you come up with a list of 101 things that you'd like to do in 1001 days (2 years, 9 months).  Coming up with 101 things is tough enough in and of itself.  Trust me...I attempted to come up with a list of 40 things that I wanted to do by the time I was 40 and I couldn't get that together.  So, we shall see.

As we come upon this New Year, I will be trying to focus on the blessings of 2010...trying to figure out just what I did do in 2010...and looking ahead to what I want to accomplish for 2011.


Brandi said...

I've seen people doing the year in review thing... I can't remember anything either! I'd have to look back at the blog over the last year just to do a 'review' post and that would take way more time than I have. lol!

Many blessings in the New Year, my friend. :)

BigSis said...

I just like to say good riddance to the year past and hope for better in the new year!