Thursday, December 2, 2010

Randomness...complete & utter randomness

Today, in an effort to find my Christmas spirit, I decided to update my computer desktop wallpaper.  Plus, it was time for the "Happy Thanksgiving" wallpaper to go.  So, I did a little Google search and found a nice computer wallpaper...

Nice huh?  I love Victorian houses...I love snow...I love pretty, twinkly Christmas trees...I love a cute snowman...

I was enjoying my Christmas wallpaper until I happened to notice a little faux pas...which of course, isn't obvious until it's on my 19" screen...

Evidently, this porch gives you an x-ray view of the pretty, sparkly Christmas tree next to it.  And of course, now this is ALL I see when I look at my desktop.  So, I guess I'll have to find a new desktop wallpaper!


In other news, I have decided what you can send me for Christmas...!!!!  I have been dying for a pair of rainboots...which, in the part of NC where I live, are completely not necessary.  I'm not sure when I would wear them...but, oh, I would try!  And they are on sale at  Size 8.  K, thanks???

You ask, how much does she love them???  So much that this is now my Facebook profile pic...see?


So, my 9 day interment at my church begins tonight...hopefully, I'll have time to make some blog visits here & there...but if not, I'll see you on December 11th...if I haven't taken to my bed in complete & utter exhaustion!
Happy Thursday! :)


Brandi said...

Okay, so my mind is in the gutter today. LMBO! I saw the xmas scene and thought that we were seeing something in the window of the house. All shadowy and it was super hard to tell what it was, but I was waiting for you to say it was something x-rated and then I was going to laugh my head off. ;) But, the tree would bother me as well. lol.

shortmama said...

That would bug me too!