Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A White Christmas???

For those of you in more "snowy" regions of the United States, you've probably already grown weary of snow and the mess that it creates...although, I think only in the Southeastern United States does snow really create "messes".  Everyone else just deals with it.  Anyway, I am beyond excited because we, in our little part of NC, have a chance of snow on Christmas day.

I've NEVER had a white Christmas.  I think there was one year that we had a little ice/snow mixture Christmas Eve, but that's as close as I've seen ON Christmas.  Last year, we actually got about 6 inches of snow exactly one week before Christmas.  I remember it because it was on a Friday...it was the last day of school for most students before the Christmas break...and everyone was so excited because we rarely get snow before January...much less that close to Christmas.  It was beautiful and just made Christmas in NC that much more special.

Where I live in NC is kind of a anomaly unto itself.  As every good NC educated child knows, NC is broken into three distinct regions...

I live in Winston-Salem...in the green region.  See how close we are to the gray "mountain" region?  I'm about one to two hours from the mountains...three to four from the beach, depending on which beach you choose to go to.

Anywho, one would think because I live in the more Western part of NC that I would see more snow.

You couldn't be more wrong.

Now, our mountains get plenty of snow.  They've already had quite a few good snows in Boone. 

However, the best snows for the non-mountainous part of NC occur right along that line that actually separates the "Piedmont" from the "Coastal" region...amazingly enough.  I think it has something to do with the way the land is physically shaped...as well as jet streams and other such nonsense like that!

So...we often don't put much stock in what the weather man says when it comes to snow here in the Winston-Salem area.  I've honestly seen days where they've called for a 100% chance of snow...they were so sure they shut down the schools and closed many businesses...and I sat at home and watched a very gray day, but no snow. 

But, with it being Christmas, I've got my hopes high and my fingers crossed that we will see a white Christmas after all. 

We shall see! :)

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BigSis said...

I'm still so upset about the snow from last year that I will gift you Every. Single. Flake. we get in Northern Va this year. Sound good?