Friday, May 27, 2011

Five Question Friday - May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day weekend, y'all! :)  If you are leaving town going on a trip, I am jealous don't like you please take me with you wish you a safe trip!  As for me, I'll be spending the holiday cleaning my house, grocery shopping, powerwashing the outside of my house, possibly planting the hydrangea I got for Mother's Day, killing grass, etc., etc., etc.  Doesn't that sound like fun to you?  Don't you want to stay with me?

Yeah...I didn't think so.

At some point, I must get some sleep too...hopefully Monday I'll get to sleep in!

Anypoorpitifulme, I'm linking up as usual with Mama M for Five Question Friday! :)  If you'd like to join me, please feel free to copy the questions and link up!

1. Do you apologize to your kids?

All the time.  Especially when I'm crabby and it's not his fault.  When I fuss at him for no reason...when I'm stressed or tired or hungry and take it out on him.  I think it's only right.

2. What color are your nails right now?

The color that God made them! ;)  I hardly ever paint my nails because, I'm not sure why, but they never seem to dry I ended up marking them up somehow...or the paint chips off pretty quickly and then I have to take the whole thing off.  Generally if I do them myself, the paint lasts about 2 days and then I take it off.

3. When you were growing up, how difficult was it for you to stay home from school sick? (As in, did you have to vomit or just say "I don't feel good".)

According to my mother, evidently I played the "I don't feel good" card one too many times...when I was a freshman in high school I told her I didn't feel good and she made me go to school.  I called her from school to have her come pick me up because I felt horrible...her words to me were "That's fine, but I'm taking you to the doctor and if you aren't really sick then you will have to repay me the co-pay."  Turned out that I had mono and I was out of school for a week.  Needless to say, I didn't have to repay the co-pay! ;)

4. When is the last time you bought a new comforter for your bed?

Actually, the comforter I have on my bed was bought on my behalf by my BFF on the day after Thanksgiving, not this last Christmas, but the Christmas before.  I saw one at Wal-Mart, though, recently that I absolutely loved.  It was bright and springy and would look great in my room.

Hint, birthday is coming up!

5. Favorite website(s)?

Well, of course Facebook, Twitter, Blogger...

Other's that I visit often are, (for my news), (to check out books!), (for anything I can't answer on my own)

I hope you have a great weekend whether you are staying home or heading away! :)


Rachel said...

I don't remember pulling the I don't feel good card with my parents, but yeah, at school I would totally pull it!!

I saw a new comforter that I really like, but I'm trying to remind myself the one I have it only about 6 months old!!

Have a great weekend, get some rest!


Your Mom said...

Well, the "I don't feel good" card was played at least one too many times. Do you remember when you had to stay in bed, resting and having to eat soup because that is what you do when you are really sick!

I felt really, really bad when you had mono and I realized just how bad you really felt and that I didn't nurture you and make you feel all better!

I love you!
Mom :)

Kasi said...

Love your answers!! I'm posting mine in a bit.

shortmama said...

I am exactly the same with my fingernails! I love painting my toes but never my fingernails

TerinAleah said...

I'm a new follower! :) Can't wait to get to know you better!