Monday, May 2, 2011

Friend Making Monday: Bookworm Edition

I haven't done this meme in a, I thought I'd revisit it! :)

1. How often do you read?

I go through spells...and it depends on what I'm reading.  Sometimes I can knock out several books in a lately, though, it seems like it's taking me several months to knock out a book! 

I read more often when I'm on vacay...especially sitting on a beach somewhere.  That's some good reading, there!

2. What's the last book you read and loved?

Because I read so much, it's hard to just pick one book.  And because I read so much, I can't tell you what the last "new" book was that I read.  I love Janet Evanovich and have been re-reading the Stephanie Plum series.  I'm looking forward to the 17th in this series...although, I do have to say, they seem to not be quite as good as the earlier Plum books.  But, I will read it anyway! :)

3. What book(s) are you currently reading?

I am currently reading The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer.  I had mixed emotions about reading this - I love the Twilight series...but I just wasn't sure I wanted to read this.  I don't know why.  However, I was at the library the other day and it was sitting I decided to give it a try.

4. Share a few of your favorite authors.

Well, already stated - Janet Evanovich, Emily Giffin, Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary, Meg Cabot (she writes 'grown up' books too), Nicholas Sparks, Sophie Kinsella (and I like her books as Sophie Kinsella way better than her Madeline Wickham books - yes, they are the same person), Fannie Flagg, Ann B. Ross, Richard Paul Evans...

yes, this list could go on forever! :)

5. What's next on your list of must-reads?

Not really sure here...I really would like to read the Pretty Little Liars series...and there's a few more on my list that I'd like to read.  There's nothing that I'm just dying to read right now...I'm sure something will come along!

Happy Monday!  It's an especially happy Monday here in the US!  I know that the death of Osama bin Laden is not the end of the war on terrorism, but it's a huge success.  I am always thankful for the men & women who protect our country...but I'm espcially proud of our military today!


Brandi. said...

My mom really likes Janet Evanovich, and keeps trying to get me to read her, too. They sound like good books, but it's hard to find time to read these days...

Happy Monday. :)

Shell said...

Oh, I really want to read the Pretty Little Liars books!

Recently, I read Call Me Irrestible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips- I always love her books! We like a lot of the same authors, I think you'd like her, too.

I also read Sing You Home by Jodi Piccoult, Room by Emma Donoghue, Talk of the Town by Lisa Wingate and Roseflower Creek by Jackie Lee Miles. All good. Not total LOVES, but all good.

Shell said...

And yes- when we go on long drives- I read. that's why my list is so long. LOL

Rachel said...

I love the Twilight series as well (with the exception of Book 4, not my favorite by any means) but haven't read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. I always felt bad for her (in the book and movie).

I saw a box set of Ramona books at Half Price Books a few weeks ago, I almost got them! I loved those books!!


shortmama said...

I go through reading spells too...sometimes I read nonstop and other times I go weeks or even months without reading!