Friday, June 15, 2012

Just a moment...

I just tucked in my almost 16 year old son. We were watching TV & he just conked out on the couch. As I was pulling a blanket up over his shoulders, I went back in time...and all of the sudden he wasn't almost 16...he was almost 6...and I was sneaking back in his room after he was asleep to check on him. Or for one brief moment I was standing by his crib...watching his even breathing and marveling at the thought that this was my kid. As crazy as it is most days to think that I have an almost 16 year old kid...I am often more amazed & humbled that God chose me to be his Mom.

Tonight I was given a rare watch my son sleep for just a moment. Thank you Lord for blessing me with this child & with this simple moment.

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