Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fort Caswell...Part 2

OK...for those of you who didn't stalk check out my Facebook you go!  This post will be picture heavy...but not word heavy...I promise! :)

Beach scenes...

Zac's bday dinner...
Me & D

Zac & Ashley

Sunset in Southport

Me & Ash

Civil War Forts...

WWI & WWII Forts...

At one time, this was actually a restaurant
This once was used as a swimming the top of the forts...and there's a matching there was a pool for girls & one for boys.  We can't figure out how they kept the water clean and keep from busting the fort underneath!

Lantana - this was our favorite place that we ever stayed.  It was the base hospital...and is rumored to be "haunted".  We never met any ghosts while staying there! :)
This was originally the base stables...but is now used as the PX, where you can buy souveniers and necessities.
Not sure what this is or was...Zac said the jail...but I think he was pulling my leg! :)
When we were campers at Caswell, this was the PX.  There used to be telephone booths outside this building...this is where we'd call our parents.  Oddly enough, there are no longer telephone booths anywhere at Caswell! :)
This is my favorite house at Caswell...the Captain's Quarters.  Love the "turret" and that window!
Girls' barracks
Boys' barracks
We stayed in this building once...I think it was called the "Staff Quarters"
We also stayed in this house one summer...I was able to identify it because this is the only house with windows that open to a porch roof...and I distinctly remember sitting on top of that roof, watching the guys play baseball in the parade grounds! :)
Bald Head Island Lighthouse...this sits on the other side of the Cape Fear, but is no longer a working lighthouse.
Oak Island Lighthouse...which is a working lighthouse. 
Oak Island night, obviously! :)
Dylan caught a sting ray in the cast net when they were trying to catch bait! :)

Dylan in a "Live Oak" tree - that's the name of the tree...not saying that it's a "live" tree, although it is! :)

OK - I think that's can see that this is nowhere NEAR the 97 pics that I posted on Facebook...these are the highlights though!  I hope you enjoyed my trip! :)


Shell said...

Love that sunset pic!

shortmama said...

Love all the pics! What a great place with so much history!

Michelle Pixie said...

What great captures! I love that last one of your son in the "live tree", I am thinking that one is Christmas card worthy. ;-)

dollycas aka Lori said...


Going to make hubby hunt ours down this weekend!!! Feels like yesterday we were just there instead of so many years ago. I still wear my Southport t-shirt!