Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crazy Days...Crazy Nights

Oh. my. goodness.

What a crazy week so far!

I was planning to blog on Monday...and didn't have time.

And then Tuesday was crazier than Monday...

So, here it is Wednesday and I'm trying to squeeze this in while putting off updating sales folders. 

Sales folders - completely redundant & tedious...UGH!

So, what has been so crazy in my life this week?  Well, I'll tell you! :)

Saturday I spent a good portion of the day working in my poor non-flower beds.  I call them non-flower beds because there are no flowers growing in them...currently.  I have hosta that have come in and that's about it.  I used to have a monkey grass border on the one bed...but I dug it all up!  Monkey grass is a great border...but it tends to not stay within its own now monkey grass in my real grass...and that is not cool.  I also have a bed of cana that is being dug up because it's not my favorite and it spreads as well.  I have no idea if I'll ever be able to get all of that up. 


Plus, someone before me spent a fortune on little white rocks as covering in the beds.  My original plan was to remove them all.  After I removed about a 2 foot square, I realized this was futile, at best, and so now I will bury them in the top soil.

After all this work, I spent Sunday afternoon in bed.  Granted this is not unusual for me...but still, I was worn slap out!  It didn't help that I drank a huge Coke on Saturday afternoon...which led to me not sleeping well - at all!

Monday was just a regular old Monday...I thought we had to be at play practice Monday night for our church Easter program...and they did have play practice (Dylan is running video / I'm a stage hand), but we weren't really needed.  Wish I had known that because I had to do all of Dylan's laundry for his big trip (getting to that in a minute).

I had been hearing for days that we were supposed to get some pretty severe weather on Monday night as a cold front was approaching NC.  When I checked my forecast Monday night before bed, it showed chances of thunderstorms all. night. long.  This did not make me happy.

So, needless to say, I was already not sleeping well when I woke up at 2:30ish to the most horrendous wind, lightning and thunder I've ever heard.  Not to mention my phone weather text alerts were going off non-stop.  Severe thunderstorm warnings. High wind warnings. Tornado watches & warnings. I live so close to the county line that I get alerts for the county I live in, as well as the next county.  So I was getting them twice. 

Scary stuff.

Finally around 3:45ish I was able to get to sleep...once I was certain that the crazy storms were past us.  I got ready for work...Dylan got ready for school.  I happened to check my phone and I noticed I had a text...when I checked it was a notification that school was cancelled!  And I began to understand why when I called my sister...who had been without power since about 2:30am.  Since she's only minutes from the elementary school, I assume that the elementary school did not have power...and as I found out later, several of the schools were without power.  Dylan was, of course, excited to have an extra day off. 

Between the time that I woke up and the time I left for work, we were having super high winds and heavy rains.  We still had power (which is just amazing because we usually lose ours at even the suggestion of a stiff breeze) when I left for work...I happened to call Dylan from the driveway to remind him of something and he said that I had just gotten in my car when our power went out!  So, we got all of his stuff and I took him over to my parents' house for the day.

I'm sure it was interesting, since they ended up having Dylan (14), Alyson (7) and Ayden (17 mos)...and no power.

Rest assured, my power is back on...and so is my parents' and my sisters'! :)

After I got off work yesterday, I took Dylan to his Dad's house - which is about an hour away because...they are going on a family trip to Connecticut!  Dylan's grandfather is originally from Connecitcut and Dylan's great-grammy (who is in her 90's) still lives there...along with some other family members.  Dylan & I have only met his great-grammy once...about 10 years ago.  Ever since she met Dylan, though, she has sent him cards & money for holidays, including his birthday.  She is not a wealthy woman and this has always meant so much to me that she would consider and remember him for everything.  She is no longer able to physically send the cards...but her daughter who takes care of her has kept up the tradition and sends Dylan a card on his birthday and at Christmas.  I'm really excited that Dylan will have the opportunity to see his great-grandmother again (even though she won't remember him...I believe she has alzheimers) and meet his great-aunt as well!  Plus, his grandparents are flying up and meeting them to spend the time with them in Connecticut!  So, it will be a great family trip.

It will also be interesting, since he will be in a car with his dad, step-mom, twin 4 yr old half-brothers and 3 mo old half-sister. :)

On their way, they are going to stop in Hoboken to visit Carlo's Bakery - yes THE Carlo's Bakery from Cakeboss on TLC.  And they are going to go through New York City.  I'm not sure how much time they will have in the city itself...since his dad called Carlo's and they told him it would most likely be an hour & a half wait to get into the store!  But he will SEE New York City, if nothing else.  They will also be visiting UConn, since that's where Dylan's grandfather went to college.  It should be fun since they just won the NCAA tourney.  On the way back, they are either going to come back through Philadelphia or Balitmore.

So, needless to say, this will be one of those hard-to-forget trips!  I'm so excited for him...and a little sad too, since he will be gone until Monday.  But he's so excited and I know he's going to have fun!!!

Of course, I don't really have a free moment while he's gone.  I didn't plan it that way...but it's working out that way.

Well...that's where I've been...what I've been up to.  Tomorrow I'm taking off to try to get some more stuff done on my flower beds since the rest of my weekends in April are booked up!

Hopefully, I'll see you before Friday...but if not...hope you have a great week! :)


Rachel said...

I am exhausted just reading this post! And I thought I was busy! :)

You need to post pictures of your flower beds once you are done! :)

Hope Dylan has a good trip, it sounds like it will be fun!

Have a great day!


PBJdreamer said...

wow you do have so much going on!

Happy for Dylan and his upcoming trip!

I hate yard work and gardening so I feel for you!

that is all

shortmama said...

Sounds like Dylan will have a great time!

Jen said...

Oh, I can't imagine how tedious it would be to remove every little stone! I like your cover-up idea better!

Those storms were just crazy - and we had more crazy ones over the weekend - yikes!

Hope all is well with you, Jenn!

Feel free to stop by and enter my giveaway! :)