Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grass Heads

No...I don't mean 'pot heads'! ;)

A few weeks ago, our church had a health fair and they asked me to come up with some kind of activity for children.  I tried to find something crafy that I could do relating to good eating or good health, but it's kind of hard to find something along those lines.  So, I switched gears and tried to find something spring-y.  Plus I had a VERY small budget.  I landed on what I called 'grass heads'.

 picture courtesy of Family Fun

I found this activity on Family Fun's website. I used to subscribe to the magazine, but I never seemed to have time to read it.  I may or may not have several years worth of back issues at my house. But, you can usually find some cute things to do with kids on this website, whether it be crafts or games or costume ideas. 

Anyway, to go directly to the official instructions, you can click here.

Here's how I made ours:

I used ankle high hose - who knew they made such a thing! And I'm not really sure who's ankles these came up to...they seemed pretty long.

Put about 1-2 teaspoons of grass seed in the toe of the hose.  On top of that, put enough potting soil to make yourself a good "head".  Tie the hose off in a note and decorate your "face".  I used googly eyes and drew on a mouth with a Sharpie.  Then place the grass head in a cup filled with water in a nice sunny window and within a couple of weeks your "head" will grow "hair".  We made these on April 9th and I noticed the grass yesterday.  So, it doesn't take too too long.

I have to admit I was getting a little worried since I didn't try this out beforehand...but the grass finally came in!

The Family Fun example used decorated yogurt cups as the base of their grass heads. I just used a smallish plastic cup because I'm a slacker and planned this at the last minute. I love the decorated yogurt cups, though!  They are so cute.

Now a word to the wise, be careful how you shape your grass head...mine obviously has all the grass seed towards the back of his head...which I guess is like a receeding hairline! hee hee! :)

Happy Wednesday!  Easter is almost here, which means the crazyiness in my life should calm down a bit and I can get back to posting more regularly.  Especially considering I'm only a couple of posts away from my 200th post and about a month away from my one year blogging anniversary! :)

Have a great week...hopefully I'll see you again this week!



PBJdreamer said...

so cute!!

love them.

You think I could get an 11 yr old boy to do this craft?


that is all

shortmama said...

That is such a fun and cute idea!

Brandi said...

How cute it is that??!! Love it!

Rachel said...

These are great!!