Friday, April 1, 2011

So Glad It's Friday!

YAY Friday! 

I always love Friday's...but today is even better because I see SUNSHINE!  After a fairly cold, rainy, dreary week, I am super thankful to see a little sunshine outside!  And it looks like the sun will stick around for the weekend!  We won't be back to the glorious upper 70's or even 80's this weekend, but I'll take sunny & 60's over rainy & 40's! :)

And, Mama M is back with her Five Question Friday! :)  Another reason I love Friday's!

1. Have you ever had surgery?

Yes - when I was 21ish?  I had my tonsils out.  So thankful I did it.  That fall I had been battling tonsil infections for about 2 months.  I would go to the doctor, get an antibiotic and within days of finishing the anitbiotic, I would be sick again.  I was on 3 antibiotics and codeine for the pain (which I had to cut in half because my throat was so swollen) before the final Z-Pack knocked the infection out.  However, a week or two later, I checked my tonsils and they were almost touching.  And I was technically well!  I went back to the doctor and told him - I think my tonsils need to come out.  He took one look and went to get my referral to the ENT.  Right after Christmas, I had them removed. 

Even now, if I get sick, it seems to attack my throat first...I don't know why.  But, it's nothing like those months when I was continuously sick.  So, I'm thankful to have lost my tonsils! :)

2. Ever ride in an ambulance?

Nope - and I hope to never have to.

Although with a little boy who knew (and still sometimes knows) no fear, I'm surprised that I never did.  Our only trip to the ER was from our doctor's office and didn't necessitate an ambulance ride.

3. How are you in a medical emergency? Panicked? Calm?

In the one medical emergency that I've had to deal with I was very calm.  Of course, part of my calmness was due to the fact that I kept downplaying what was wrong.  So, as far as I was concerned, there was nothing to panic about.  I was a little more uneasy when I had to leave Dylan before his operation...I was leaving my child with a person that I didn't know and trusting a doctor I hadn't even met yet!  God truly gave me a peace during that whole situation!

BTW - to get the whole story on Dylan's emergency surgery, click here.

4. Do you have a garden? Flowers or veggies?

I currently don't really have a garden.  I would like to create a flower bed in the front of my's on my ever growing house to-do list!

The only veggies I would probably personally grow are tomatoes & cucumbers...but I'm not sure that I have a place in my yard that I can grow them.

So, I will steal them from my parents' garden!

Shhh...don't tell! ;)

5. When did you move out of your parents house?

Three years ago this June.  I had Dylan when I was about halfway through college...and then a couple of years after I graduated, I had him at a private Christian school through 6th grade.  I found our house in the spring of his 6th grade year and decided it was perfect for was a good time to buy a house, since I didn't have to sell anything to get into it...and we made the move. 

Hope you have a fantabulous Friday...for those of you still getting snow, ice & cold weather...I'm sorry.  And please don't send it back to NC! :)


PBJdreamer said...

Just went back and read about Dylan's ordeal WOW

You are such a good mom!

that is all

Sandra said...

I love these question/answers. I'm off to read about Dylan now!

Kelly-Marie said...

I definitely missed the sunshine this weekend. We drove up to Boone and it snowed all day Friday and Saturday, with a tad bit on Sunday. Then as soon as we were fixing to leave, the sun came out. It was still a nice mini vaca.

Kelly-Marie said...

You're more than welcome, I adore your blog. Awe, I have a lot of friends that are attending ASU and they love it. I'm not sure if I can handle all the snow they get. I would go insane.

shortmama said...

You arent missing anything on the ambulance me!