Wednesday, April 27, 2011


OK - doesn't have quite the same ring as "Gratituesday"...but what do you do when you are a day late?

I had mentioned several weeks ago that I wanted to participate in PBJ Dreamer's "Gratituesday", where she lists of 10 things that she's grateful for...but I didn't.  And she called me out on it! :)  Seriously, no hard feelings!  I should've done it.

And I fully intended to do this yesterday...but the guys at work tempted me with Mexican food for's my weakness.  I can give up a lot, but not Mexican.  Especially on Tuesday's when they have my favorite dish (chimichanga) on special!  YUM!

So, you will have to just deal with the fact that I'm participating in Grati-Wednesday this week...and hopefully I can get my act together and particiate on the correct day next week! :)

10.  Already said, but yesterday I had lunch at the local Mexican restaurant.  Tuesday's are my favorite day to go because my favorite dish is on special.  But, as a bonus, one of the other guys paid for our lunch!

Free lunch?  Fabulous! :)

9.  Yesterday morning, Dylan woke up not feeling well.  He barely ate any breakfast, which isn't really unusual, but he mentioned that his stomach was really hurting.  He troopered through the day and texted me around 2:15 to see if my Dad could pick him up early.  My Dad was out of town, but my mom had to pick up my niece at school and was able to pick him up early so he could go home and not have to ride the bus.

Having a retired mom who is willing to pick up her sick grandchild? Fabulous! :)

8.  Furthermore, Dylan is feeling much better today!

Well kid?  Fabulous!

7.  On Sunday, my Uncle Eddie had a stroke.  He was very far from a "good" hospital.  Fortunately, his family realized what was going on and called the EMT's, who airlifted him to Duke Hospital. They were able to give him the clot busting drug in enough time to help reverse the effects of the stroke.  By Sunday evening, he had regained strength in his hand & foot and by Monday morning, he had been released from physical therapy and by that afternoon he had passed the swallow test for thick liquids.  Yesterday, he was able to walk out to the waiting room to visit his grandkids.  The only effect that he seems to still have as a result of the stroke is that his speech is still slurred.  He will probably go home by the end of this week.

My uncle's expected full recovery from a stroke?  Fabulous!

**Truly, my uncle is amazing...he has had two near death experiences - not including this stroke - and has walked away from both. I could probably write a whole post on him!**

6.  My BIL had to work on we celebrated as a family on Monday night.  Sometimes I enjoy the delayed holiday celebrating.  Seems to work out that way for Thanksgiving & Christmas too, because of his work schedule.  It's like a little bonus holiday!  We had such a good time...laughed a lot and just enjoyed being together.

Having family time, any time?  Fabulous!

5.  The weather in NC has been beautiful this week.  It's been in the mid-80's all week.  At little on the warm side, but I'll take that over cold, snowy weather!

Beautiful, sunshiney weather?  Fabulous!

4.  Yesterday afternoon, part of my job was unwrapping 100 packs of gum and gluing business cards to each pack.  While this might seem like a tedious task (and usually I hate tedious tasks), it was really kind of relaxing and nice to have a change of pace!  It also meant that I could listen to music and not have to constantly pause it because I was trying to concentrate on writing a letter or something like that.

A change of pace at work?  Fabulous!

3.  A few weeks ago, I won a giveway on my friend Katie's blog.  It was quite ironic because we live kind of close and I actually knew her when she was younger.  I had told her that if I won, she would be able to hand deliver the goody bag...and she did!  I couldn't even remember what all was in it was even better when I actually got it!  It had 30 Day Shred (which is still wrapped in plastic and I'm currently ignoring!;) ), a cute make up bag, some pens, some fabulous Bath & Body Works candles, which I have in my bathroom, pretty lip gloss, nail polish and some coconut M&M's...which I shared with my mom & dad (because she met me at the soccer field)!

Winning anything???  Fabulous!

2.  Also, while I was hit or missing in the blog world, I went to a BBQ that had a bucket raffle.  If you've never participated in a bucket raffle, it's so much fun.  You buy raffle tickets and then choose the items that you want to "enter" by dropping your ticket (or tickets) in the corresponding bucket.!  I won $25 to my favorite Mexican restaurant, a basket full of Scentsy goodies and some Starbucks coffee with a thermal coffee press, which I'm dying to try out...when I get brave enough! :)

Winning some of my favorite things???  Fabulous!

1.  My next post will be my 200th post.  Amazing that I've had so much to say and share.  And I'm still so amazed at the little community that I have joined here in the blog world.  I don't even really know any of these people who read my blog, well know them in real life (except Katie, of course), but there is such a sense of family.  And in a few weeks, I'll be hitting one year of blogging!  Simply amazing!

Having a place to dump all of my thoughts & feelings and having people read & respond???  Fabulous!

Have a great Wednesday wherever you are.  And if you are in the stormy parts of the US, please be careful!


PBJdreamer said...


All kinds of fabulous stuff going on over here!!


that is all

Jen said...

So glad your uncle is expected to make a full recovery!

Stay safe and dry these next couple of days!

Jeanette said...

awesome! LIfe can be fabulous! and I love that you found fabulosity in things that might have seemed negative, like sickness and strokes.
have a fabulous day!

Brandi. said...

What a great list! Congrats on your 200th post. :) Glad your kiddo is feeling better. We're on our way to getting rid of this nasty cold, finally!! And the very best luck to your uncle!

shortmama said...

Sounds like you have plenty to be grateful for!

So glad to hear that your uncle is doing well!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your uncle is doing so well. Sounds like he is a walking miracle!

Congrats on all your winnings. You're a lucky gal.