Thursday, August 12, 2010

5 inches of rain...1 hour...

This is my house...
Please note the dead tree on the left is no longer there...

Isn't it cute?  It's hard to tell, but my house sits at the bottom of a hill.  It actually began as a workshop for the house to the left and at the top of the hill.  Somewhere along the way, the man who owned the house at the top of the hill converted his shop into an apartment/house for his son.  I guess much later down the road, the property was split into two parcels.  Ironically, both houses were on the market at the same time...the house at the top of the road was a foreclosure...mine was a rental property that the owner no longer wanted to deal with.  For a rental property, it was in very good condition, though.  Of course, after you've lived there for a couple of years...the things that you think you wouldn't mind so much really start aggravating you...but that's not what this post is about.

Yesterday was a looooonnnnngggg day.  I left my house at 7:30am...went to work...went to church...went to a meeting at Dylan's school about the athletics program.  When I left the school, there was all kinds of heat lightning going on...and it smelled like rain.  Dylan asked me later what that smells like...I can't describe it, but I knew we were in for it.  Dylan was at my parents' I went by there to pick him up.  You can't just run in and pick him up, of course...we have to talk.  And talk...and talk.  Finally, close to 10, I insist we leave because it's starting to I know we are getting ready to get a good storm. 

By 10:15 it has started raining. 

By 10:30...Dylan says that the water is coming up on the carport.  We've had some drainage issues at the carport ever since we've lived he suggests that I put down some towels...I guess to pre-empt the inevitable back door flooding. 

At 10:40, I'm on the phone with my dad...watching water pour in at my FRONT door...across the kitchen floor...into my living room.  The back door is soaked...into Dylan's room.  I had at least 2-3 inches of water on my front porch and carport.

At 11:15, please note that it is STILL pouring, my precious father comes over with a shop vac and sump pump.

I also have noticed a patch of wetness in my bedroom backs up to the kitchen.  Evidently, the water in the kitchen seeped under the wall between the kitchen & my closets and is now in my bedroom.

Did I mention that I live at the bottom of a hill?  And gravity being what it is...all the water from the top of the hill...including off of my neighbor's backyard...flows down towards my house.  And I don't have flood insurance...because I don't live in a flood plain.  So...I have to dry up this carpet because I really, really, really don't have the $$ to replace it right now.

And to top off the wonderfulness that is my flooded house, I have done something to my left ankle.  I don't remember actually doing anything that would cause it to hurt.  I remember when I went to bed Tuesday night thinking that it was hurting.  Had some pains yesterday...and while Dylan was furiously vacuuming up water from my carpet I noticed it was a little more sore...and then I realize it's swollen.  I'm going to give it a day or so to heal on it's own...but, it's just what I need to top off everything else.

And I'd been having a good week...

I'm trying to find the positive...but right now, I think the positive is under water.

5 inches of rain...1 hour...yeah...


Jenn said...
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Rachel said...

I'm so sorry all that is happening! I remember when I was in junior high we got a lot of rain where we lived and our house started flooding. One of the deacons from our church came over with a water vacuum to help us out (he lived 5 minutes away but it took him almost an hour to get there due to the rain and flooding). I just remember watching stuff float across the kitchen floor. It was almost knee high.

Another reason I wish we lived closer (besides the fact we would be totally awesome friends). I have a good friend who is a doctor (who could help with your ankle) and another good friend who is in insurance. He could get your flood insurance for sure!! If you ever move to Texas, let me know!! I have the hook ups!! :)

Hope your week gets better!! Sending you **hugs**


Cara Smith said...

That is aweful.

I have a few suggestions. Pull the carpet back and let the padding dry. Also, if you can rent an industrial type dryer / ozone machine - it will help the carpet dry faster and the sheetrock too. It will help with preventing mold and also the smell that comes after a carpet has been flooded.

Jen said...

Oh my, now I see what you meant in your email - doesn't sound like an enjoyable experience AT ALL! Sorry to hear about the flooding.

I hope the carpet dries out - hopefully the heat helps. I'm hoping for your sake we don't get more tonight!

Brandi said...

Oh, so sorry! :( Your house is adorable, though. Our neighbors across the street picked yellow siding so we couldn't also have yellow. I was so disappointed.

I hope everything dries out fast for you.