Sunday, August 1, 2010

Getting to Know You Sunday!

Getting to know YOU

It's bright and early Sunday morning...well, not too early...8am's time for Getting to Know You Sunday, brought to you by Keely at Mannland5!  If you'd like to play along, you can go to Keely's site for questions and to link up!

1. If you were to win an award today, what would it be for?

I don't know about today...but I'm hoping to win an award for a baked good at the Dixie Classic Fair in October! :)

2. What is your shoe style?

Comfort is key...summertime is for flip flops and feet do not like to be cooped up!

3. Does your car reflect your personality?

I think so...I have a's practical and can haul all my junk around...but secretly, I'm a Mustang girl...

4. If you could take over someones body for a day..whose would you choose?

Wow...that's a toughy...not sure who I would want to be for a day...

5. Love or be loved?

Both please!

OK - if I have to choose, I will love all day long...although I think it takes both parts for you to truly show's cyclical.

6. If you were on death row, what last meal would you choose?

Probably something from El's my favorite Mexican restaurant...the lunch chimichanga is my favorite...

7. Have you been on vacation this Summer, if so where?

Yup!  Beach baby!!!

8. What is your favorite food related guilty pleasure?

Starbucks...I only get Starbucks as a "treat" for myself...and not that often.  It's hard to pay that much for a cup of coffee.  And there's not one super convenient to me...

But it's always! :)

Happy Sunday!  Can't wait for Monday! ;)


Melissa said...

My shoe choices are also all about comfort.

Gypsy Heart said...

Fun answers! Your blog is adorable ~

Have a great day!

Jen said...

It IS hard to pay that much for coffee, I agree! Definitely a splurge for me rather than an everyday purchase.

Have a good one!

Truthful Mommy said...

I am your newest follower from GTKY! Great answers. I didn't grow up in the Kernersville area but my husband and i did live in Greensboro for about 3 years after we were married. It is absolutely gorgeous there. Happy Mothering!

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Hello! I am a new subscriber from The Nutritionist Reviews and Giveaways! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

MrsShoffernan said...

I like all of your answers. I live in Greensboro now but I'm moving this week, wish I'd still be around to see you take home a prize at the fair! Good luck!

I would love to drive a Mustang... at least once.